There are many ways to make money on youtube. In this article, I will share a couple of the ways I've come across over the years on how to make money through the largest video sharing site on the web - youtube.

The first way which is also the easiest ways for newbies to make money on youtube is to become a youtube partner. As a youtube partner, you will get a cut of all the advertising revenue generated from your youtube videos. If you're interested in becoming a youtube partner, you'll have to apply to that program through their site. It's simple to apply but not everyone gets accepted. This is a great way to make money on youtube because it's pretty simple. The key to making a healthy amount of money as a youtube partner is that you need to be getting a lot of views to your videos. That requires you to learn how to promote your videos or better yet, you should learn how to make your videos go viral.

The second way I'll discuss to make money on youtube is the youtube method that Adam Horwitz recommends in his affiliate training section. This method is a little more advanced and I'm still not sure if it's 100% ok with youtube but it's worth looking into. For more information, go to, go to their marketplace, do a search for Mobile Monopoly. Then, go to Mobile Monopoly's affiliate page where you will get more information about the Youtube method. Here's how it works in a gist... you will be contacting youtube users who have popular videos and you will ask them if they are interested in a business partnership with you in which they include an annotation in their videos and a link in their video description promoting whatever product you want to promote. Next, you'll want to be tracking all the traffic being generated through each individual youtube user that you're working with. Then, you'll be able to see how many people are clicking on each youtube user's links and which user is generating the sales of that product. Then, you give the youtube user a cut(usually like 10% of your earnings) and the rest of the profit is for you! This is a great way to promote affiliate programs but again, I highly recommend that you take the time to find out if this goes against Youtube's Terms of Service in any way before you try this for yourself.

The third way is to use youtube as a way to indirectly earn revenue. The way this works is that you'll be using youtube to generate traffic to your money site or money page. The best way to do this is to have your very own product(an information product would be perfect) and in your youtube videos you just share tons of great free information. At the end of each video and in your video description, subtly direct your youtube video viewers to your website/money page where you either pre-sell your product or where you offer more free information in exchange of an e-mail address or where you flat out sell one of your products. Again, this would also work for promoting affiliate products if you don't have your own product yet and if you don't want to create your own product. Youtube is just one of the best ways to generate traffic to anything really. One piece of advice I picked up on the Warrior Forum(great for aspiring online entrepreneurs) is to create a ton of articles that you'll send to as many article directories as you can and to convert those articles into videos too. Then, share your videos(which are basically your articles read out loud) on all the video sharing sites you can think of. In another Warrior Forum thread, I learned that you can do even more to generate traffic. Here are a few other ideas. Take your videos and turn them into audio podcasts and share them on all the free podcast directories. Make sure you have a link to your money page when using any of these methods. Another thing you could do is turn your articles/videos into PDF files and share them on all the free pdf sharing sites like

All in all, there are many different ways to make money with youtube videos some of which I haven't even mentioned but are worth mentioning. One of these additional methods to make money with youtube that I'd like to mention and that you can look into is making money on youtube with CPA offers. I've read about a lot of people getting a lot of success using this method.

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