This title amuses me and you, I'm sure. Would you truly like to know the secret of how to make money online by doing absolutely nothing?

It's impossible.

If you're going to make any money at all, you have to work. You have to provide something of value--a product, a service, information--in return for compensation.

Our carnal minds seek the easiest and the cheapest route for the most personal gain, but life simply doesn't work that way. You must build up and develop your craft until you achieve the success you're looking for. Doing nothing in order to make money online will make you go broke.

Now, this is starkly different from "make money online for free". Is this possible to do? Yes, it is very possible to earn money online by investing nothing.

You can sign-up for free to writing sites like Info Barrel and write useful content that readers would be interested in. In return, you get to share some of the ad revenue. This is not back-breaking labor but labor nonetheless.

The less money you invest into making money online, the more time you spend. This is the trade off. You have to take time to learn new skills, time to write more articles, build backlinks, do keyword research, social media, etc.

The internet still costs someone money, but considering the instant access you have to millions of pieces of information, the cost to start an online business is practically negligible.

Low cost start-up leads to competition and information overload. It also leads to false thinking. Since information can be accessed instantly within the click of a button, some people assume that making money on the internet works the same way, i.e. money for nothing.

This probably explains why so many sales pages claim to have the "secrets" to making money online. There are no secrets, but there are skills you must master. This requires work. Plain and simple.

Those who really want to earn the big bucks are willing to invest in the right training and implement it. Rather than jump from blog to blog, ebook to ebook, learning skills in bits and pieces, it's simply better to get proper training to make money online.