Ways To Make Money Online

The Internet is a huge place! It's absolutely massive. There are so many different websites, videos, and content that sometimes it's just too overwhelming. The good thing about this overwhelming amount of content is that there are more ways today than ever before to make money online for free. I'm going to list a couple of websites I utilize to make money online for free and what exactly I do. 

1. Ebay

Ebay is a great tool for making money online for free. Instead of having a garage sale, take some of your old junk and sell it on Ebay. It's great that Ebay allows you to look up the average price sold for the item selling. If you want to take a more detailed look at how much your item is selling for just search for it on Ebay then click on completed listings. This will give you a general idea of how often items sell and for how much. 

Anything that you will sell will be pure profit minus the fees so that's great. If you really enjoy it like I do you can try and find a specific niche to sell in. I did this for headphones and I made some nice extra spending money. However, trying to make a full-time income off Ebay is a very hard thing to do. In conclusion, look for that junk around your house and put it up for auction!

2. Amazon Affiliate Program

The Amazon Affiliate Program is a great way to make some free money online if you already have a blog or website. Basically, if you sign up for the program you will be able to advertise for specific products that will be displayed on your website. Amazon is such a popular site that many people trust Amazon and don't mind clicking on it compared to Adsense ads. There's a sliding scale with it starting at 4% per sale going all the way up to 8.5% as well as specific products that can give you up to 15% commission. 

3. InfoBarrel

InfoBarrel! The site I'm publishing this article on right now! I only have a few articles up so I'll only make a penny or two for the month but people who have submitted around 500 articles pull in about 100$ a month from advertisements. InfoBarrel pays you %75 of the ad money they recieve, which is quite a bit more than other writing sites such as Associated Content and Demand Studios. It takes a lot of work if you want to make that $100 a month but it is possible.

4. Survey Sites

There are a slew of survey sites out there on the internet today. Most of them don't pay much, and to be honest it's not really worth it. However, there are a few gems that will pay you a decent amount of money for a survey. The survey site I currently use is called American Consumer Opinion. This doesn't mean that you can take as many surveys as you want. You'll fill out a biographic/demographic form that allows American Consumer Opinion to send you surveys based on who you are and where you live. I generally receive one or two surveys per month and pay can be anywhere from $2 to $20. 

5. Fiverr

I love Fiverr! Fiverr is a great website that allows you to make some quick money online. The whole motto of Fiverr is what will you do for 5$? Basically you can sign up, create a profile, and upload a gig you're willing to perform for 5$. Some people write messages in sand and take a picture of it for 5$, and other people will make a video product testimony. Oh I forgot to mention, no illicit or vulgar behavior is allowed of course. There's some things that are funny and others that are business related. This seems too good to be true right? Well Fiverr does take 1$ for every gig you perform so you're actually only getting 4$. Still, if you need to make some quick cash Fiverr is an easy way. I've made 24$ in the last 48 hours so it's a lot of fun. 

6. Amazon Mechanical Turk 

The Amazon Mechanical Turk is a job based system that pays you very small amounts of money to perform simple tasks. Sometimes it will be googling certain keywords and other times it will be providing feedback for websites. It's really simple but the payouts are really really low, as in like five cents low. I figured if you did this for an hour you would probably make a couple bucks but nothing close to minimum wage.

7. ChaCha

Ever heard of the text service called ChaCha? Basically if you text a word to ChaCha (242-242) they will answer your questions for free. You only get a certain number of questions per day but it's a neat service. Of course, standard text message rates apply but you don't need to pay anything to ChaCha. Usually after a minute or two you will receive a text back with an answer to the question. Well how do all these questions get answered? Humans. You can apply to become a  ChaCha guide online as they are always hiring. However, they hire you as an independent contractor, which means that they don't need to pay you the minimum wage. I did this for a little while during my freshmen year in college and it came out to 5$ to 6$ an hour depending how fast you work. There's also training that you have to go through to become a guide but it doesn't take too long. ChaCha is a decent way to make some quick money but understand that it becomes VERY tedious.


Well that's a wrap! There are other ways to make money online for free but these are the main websites that I use to make a quick buck when I'm in need of some spending money. Granted some of these offer some really high potential like Ebay and InfoBarrel, but they do require A LOT of work. So just remember that before diving off into the deep end. I also am starting a blog on how to earn income online. It's a work in progress, but the theme of the site is to turn 1 dollar into 1 million dollars. Feel free to check it out and where I am on my journey. Anyways, hopefully you've found these websites helpful; they sure have helped me out through college.