We have all been there needing extra money at the end of the month or broke when our friends want to go out. Like you I started thinking what could I do to make some extra money. It turns out I found many ways to make money legally I must add. Here are my top ways to make some quick cash.

Number 1: Selling Items on Craigslist

This is the simplest way to sell things and receive payments rather quickly depending on the item. Selling on Craigslist is as easy as taking a few pictures of the item and write-up a quick description of the item. Then, you can publish the item or multiple items for sale to see if you have any buyers. The best way I have seen was to allow potential buyers to send you an email leaving your number off the ad. Also when delivering the goods, I like to use a public place instead of the having the buyers come to my home to be safe. This is my favorite way to sell all items from old clothes to cars and all. Craigslist is like a huge yard sell that millions of people are attending.

Number 2: Collecting Change

This is the easiest way to scrounge up a few bucks or even $20 if you are lucky like I was. This is an all-out man-hunt for all your loose change. Check pockets, under the couch, in the car and literally everywhere. You would be surprised where you can find loose change at your place. Get searching and there is no telling what you may find. Also another great place to check is in the laundry room I found $5.39.

Number 3: Returning Past Purchases

Do you have something that you never really used or a recently bought item lying around. You may be able to return that item and get some extra cash. Make sure you have the receipt to get cash back; otherwise you may get stuck with a gift card. 

Number 4: Start a Part-Time Business

This is great for the entrepreneur spirited people who want to make some extra money. There are a ton of different business opportunities out there for you. The easiest place to find a quick business opportunity is browser the gig section of Craigslist and find people who are looking to pay you for odd jobs and you can usually find a trend to make a business from it. Things like moving, website design, dog walking etc.


Number 5: Get Crafty

There is a huge market for handmade crafts that can be easily sold for a few dollars. Etsy is great when selling crafts online. Depending on your skills you can earn a good amount of money by making crafts and selling them for profit.

These are the best ways that I have found to make some easy money when you are short on change. I have personally done all of them and the best two were Craigslist sales and part-time businesses. I have a few part-time businesses that are still thriving and making me money when my change is short.