Recently I have discovered that people have begun selling their Infobarrel accounts to other members. Some accounts have fetched upwards of 1,000 dollars. I am very surprised to find so many transactions relating to accounts happening on Infobarrel. This article, is a guide that I have created to making money by selling your Inforbarrel account.

The first step to selling your Infobarrel account is to evaluate its value. You need to know how much your account is actually worth. There are a few methods for evaluating your accounts.  The first is to go based on earnings. Based on your earnings you would sell the account for a multiple (5-25) times your earnings. The second method would be to go based on content and the value of your articles. The marjority of the time people use a combination of earnings and content to determine a value for their account.  Below I explain both in detail.

      The more earnings you have on Infobarrel, the more money you are likely to get for your account. Most assets that earn money sell for a multiple of earnings.  If you earned 100 dollars a month from your Infobarrel content(articles pictures,movies ect..)  than you may be able to get 500 or even 1,000 dollars for your account, likewise if you earn 10 dollars a month from Infobarrel, you will have a slim chance of getting 1,000 dollars for your account. It would take 100 months or about 8 1/3 years for the buyer to recoup their investment. A good price to pay based on earnings for an account is around 5-20 times earnings. Anything more or less than that is a not common.

     Content is also a very big factor in determining your accounts value. Content is very valuable on the internet and sometimes can sell for lots of money. A 500 word article sells for around 40 dollars on some freelancing sites. That's a lot of money. If you had one hundred ,500 word articles, at that price you would make  4,000 dollars. When evaluating content,  many people go based off of the word count. There are many different types of content that sell for different prices. A fictional piece of writing will sell for a different amount than a fact filled historical essay. Articles with pictures and bibliography generally are more valuable, since they took more time to create. Adding pictures and even links to your articles, can significantly increase their value. Account for the ranking of the article as well. Since the article was written on Infobarrel, it is ranked in search engines, there is immense value to that. Below is a checklist to go through for valuing your articles.

  1. Length(Word Count)
  2. Pictures,videos and other media.
  3. Quality score
  4. Ranking, (SEO Value)
  5. Niche(Business,education,sports ect.)

These 5 factors play an important role in the value of your articles.  Accounting for these factors will ensure that you give your articles a proper value.

       Once you have determined the true value of your account you need to start prepping it for sale. Essentially you must wipe personal information from the account. This tends to be a very simple and straightforward process. Then the most exciting process begins, the act of actually selling the account.  This part in my opinion is the most enjoyable, soliciting bids from people interested in your account.  Most people go on the forums and just ask for bids while other create Ebay auctions or Craigslist ads. By far the most common way to sell an account is to make a post on the forums listing it for sale. Most people tend to be interested and will make an offer. Then you start the negotiation process. It is always a good idea to start negotiations by asking a higher price then you feel the account is worth. For example if your account is worth 1,000 dollars, maybe have an asking price of 1500. This is a common practise and should be implemented. Most bidders will knock your asking price down, few people will be willing to pay your asking price, and if they are then you probably asked to little for the account.

      In conclusion, selling your Infobarrel account can be a fulfilling experience. You can get top dollar for your account by implementing the steps I have outlined. Please share your opinions and ideas in the comments sections below.