Ebay is a site that millions of people use. The site is an online marketplace that allows people to buy and sell products online. Many people have found success buying and selling things on Ebay. Some people have even made triple digit returns. In this article I will show you how to make money using Ebay



The Most straightforward way to make money using Ebay is to make money by selling items. Almost anything from books-water will sell on Ebay. Some people have even sold houses. There are a few things that you are not allowed to sell, such as animals and human body parts, but other than a few oddball items you should be allowed to sell things.

 In order to sell on Ebay, you will need an account. These accounts a free and easy to make. Once you have an account up and running it is recommended that you buy a few things to build up a feedback rating. This is a rating buyers and sellers give each other to show the type of person they are. Most people will have a rating in the 90's but some people will have low ratings meaning some people were not happy with them. By buying a few items and paying on time, you can build a positive feedback rating. Although this is not required, I highly recommend it.

When you are ready to start selling items, you first must decide what to sell. usually if you are new to selling, I would advise looking through your house to find things that you don't need. You will be surprised to see how many items you have that you can and should get rid of. These items you can sell on Ebay and make a little money, while building up a feedback rating.

  Once you have exhausted the amount of things you can sell in your house, you need to find new items.  The easiest way to do that would be to go to garage sales and find items that people don't want and sell them on Ebay.  This is a great way to make money. The margins are generally high. Another way to find items,is to go through a wholesaler and buy in bulk, this meaning that you can buy a whole bunch of items and resell them. The key to doing this is finding the right wholesaler. You will need margins of at least 20% so if you are buying a hat for lets say 10 dollars from a wholesaler, you have to be able to resell it for a minimum of 12 dollars. This is because Ebay has fees that can very quickly bit into your margins. The fees associated with selling items on Ebay are around 10%. These fees are not too bad, but need to be considered before buying something to sell. I never buy anything wholesale unless I can get at least 30% margins because once Ebay takes out it's fees I am only left with 20% and than taxes and other unexpected fees are taken out too, so you should look very hard for the cheapest price. On top of finding out the lowest price, you must also find out if the item will actually sell. This is very important because if the item doesn't sell  you may be stuck with it. Finding out how much interest there is in an item is very easy. Simply go to Ebay look up the item and find out how many listings there are,how many are ending sold,how many views each get and what price the items are selling for.  If you have found and item that you can get for the right price, and has a lot of interest in the market, than get it. Storage might be an issue which is something else you need to figure out. Once you have the item though, you can sell it.


Affiliate program

Ebay does have an affiliate program that allows users to ame money. Ebay pays for referrals to the site and also pays users a commission if an item gets sold. By using Ebay affiliates you can earn commissions on products that other people buy, and can also earn money when they sign up to the site. As a user if you refer someone, you earn 2 dollars, and 5% of their lifetime income. If you refer someone who goes on to make 100,000 dollars you will earn 5002.00 dollars. That is a lot of money for just referring someone.  You can also earn a percentage of the sale price of an item if someone buys that item through an ad that you post. The Commission is around 5% too. Affiliate programs allow people another way to make money using Ebay, a way that has made some people very wealthy.