Do you ever notice all the many glass store fronts of the numerous shops and Small businesses in your town? Are they clean or do some or most need to be washed? The smart merchant knows that first impressions mean a lot to customers entering their store. This is where you can make good money part-time or full-time (window cleaning) making sure those windows are clean with weekly visits.
The first thing to do in this small business is to target a busy commercial/shopping area with lots and lots of glass display windows. This is where you will make your money. But, how do you get their business? Marketing is the answer and it's easier than you think. First you create a sales piece, a flier describing you services, complete with a headline and your contact info. Search the net to see what similar window services are offering and shamelessly mimic their promos.
Once you have the flier created take it to Kinko's and get 200-300 printed. The best time to hand out your flier is before the stores and shops open. Simply slip it under the door or wedge it in a door seam. The manager or owners will see your flier soon as they open up and read it. Now, when you are sure the 20-30 stores where you left fliers are open for the day, you go back with an identical copy in hand.Ask for the manager, introduce yourself, point at your flier and then the dirty windows and say. "I can get those windows squeaky clean for just $15* inside and out." You should walk into the business with your window washing equipment in hand for them to see that you are ready to work now. It works.
Note: *Adjust your price according to the size of the display windows. Charge more for large stores, $25, $30, $40, $50.... $15 is a good price for a small to medium business.
Most times the decision maker will say "Fine, Go right ahead." Bingo! You just made a sale.
Now what do you do next? First let's talk about the few tools of the trade you will need. You want to have a good bucket, an empty five gallon pickle barrel can be had from most fast food places like Wendy's, Burger King or Mc Donald's. Just ask the manager for one. They are thrown away as trash. Or you can purchase one (orange) from the local Home Depot. Next is a good squeegee, washer sleeve and extension pole. You can find expensive versions on the net, but since you are just starting out, I suggest you go to your local hardware store or Home Depot and look around for an outfit that's within your budget. Be sure the squeegee and wash sleeve are wide enough to handle large area windows. This will save time and work in the long run. I suggest both a 12" and 18" squeegee. The cloth window washer should be an 18 incher. The pole should be at least a 4 footer that telescopes to 8 feet for tall windows.
If it fits your budget a rectangular water bucket works well with the 18" cloth window washer. Add a plastic scraper to remove tape, decals, crud, etc. and some towels or chamois and that's it. You are ready to make money in you new small business...window cleaning. Your choice of what liquid window cleaning formula to use is up to you. There are popular "Green" non-toxic formulas to be found on the net. I have found that a 1/4 cup of Dawn dish liquid and water work just fine for me.
You will also need a cash receipt book since all businesses will deduct the cost of your service and require a receipt, Office Depot is a good source...There you have it. All the basic info you need to start this profitable small business and begin earning money window cleaning this week, Just take the first step and get those fliers created and printed. Polish your in store face to face delivery so it is natural and relaxed. Success is all up to you. Nothing beats a failure, like a try.