Lawn Care for Fun and Profit

Lawn Care is an easy to start and very profitable small business. You can work from home using tools you may already have. Such as a lawn mower, weed eater, leaf blower and hedge trimmer. Those are the basic lawn care tools to start this in demand small business. Since you work from home there is no expensive office rental costs. Starting out you can use your current vehicle. Yes, the trunk of you car will work, unless you drive a Corvette. If you own an SUV or truck that's even better.

First thing to do is to market your lawn care service. I create 500 fliers telling folks I'm in business and taking on customers. I use Kinko's for my printing. You can research the local yellow pages and Internet to get a feel as to what your flier should say and look like, then mimic the competition. Distribute your 500 fliers immediately in upscale and affluent neighborhoods. Slip them under car wiper blades at the local shopping centers or post on mail boxes. This will get your phone ringing with inquiries for a fast start.

Now you will need a write a phone script to sell the incoming calls. You should write out what you will say with the intentions of selling every caller. Practice this script until you can say it in a natural sounding voice. Also, write out answers to anticipated questions. Think about your pricing also. You can charge what you feel will make you a profit for your time invested. Some callers will want a price over the phone, others may want you look at the yard in advance and give a price in person. Be flexible. Also research the local competition, call them and ask about their pricing. Most will be happy to give you information. You'll learn how to better price your service.

Once you sell a lawn care customer it's time to do the work of mowing, edging, trimming etc. If you take care of your own lawn then you are ahead of the game. Simply repeat what you do for your lawn while complying with the customers special requests. It is wise to study lawn care techniques and practices from books to be had at your local library, book store or online info. The more you know the more you will earn and the faster your lawn care small business will grow.

For a fast and successful start get your advertising created and distributed. Then write out your phone sales script. Remember that this is a repeat business, your lawn care clients will want your service on a regular basis. Once you have a full customer list your small business will be on automatic. Provide good service and you will not need to constantly search for new customers. I wish you good luck and success.