Swiss Mountain Dog
Credit: Jaime Rowe

Looking To Earn More Money?

Photographers can make a living photographing weddings, families, children, executives, pets, landscapes, and fine art but it never hurts to make a little extra cash. There are several ways to make additional income as a photographer. Here are five examples of how to make extra money with photography.

1) Stock Photography - If you have a knack for photographing individual products or images that commercial clients would use for advertising, books, calendars, or website, then creating stock photography for one of the major photo stock agencies would bring in additional income for you.  Stock agencies will either pay you a royalty fee or a flat fee for your images. The beautiful part about stock photography is that you will do the hard work up-front and then reap the rewards later. A perfect example of passive income for a photographer.

2) Photography Workshops - If you specialize in certain area of photography that people would pay money to learn more about then you might have another way of making extra cash for your photography business. For example, if you specialize in off-camera flash or the integration of film and video, then you could hold an all-day workshop for photographers. It would be a great way to meet other photographers and sharpen your skills as a teacher. There are several photographers that travel around the nation putting on workshops. It is also a great way to give back to the photographic community.

3) Writing eBooks - If you enjoy writing, then you could write an eBook about a specialization in photography. Whether the eBook be about how to market your business, workflow, on-site printing, photographing sports events, event photography, retaining customers, referral systems, visual inspiration, creating your personal style, the art of posing or fashion photography, it could be a great resource for photographers. You could sell the eBook on your blog or on a public website. This is another example of passive income for a photographer.

4) Photography Products - In the past, several photographers have created innovative products that help other photographers and their businesses. For example, some photographers have created specialized flash diffusers, camera bags, Photoshop actions, presets and templates, and several other products that help increase the productivity of a photographer or help create better images for the client. If you have created a product that enhances your business or workflow, then it might be financially beneficial to share it with the photographic community.

5) Commercial Projects - You can contact local advertising agencies or magazines to see if they are looking for images for advertising campaigns or clients. Commercial clients want specific images to portray their products. They might be unable to find the perfect image for their product with stock photos so they turn to commercial photographers. It is a great opportunity to meet commercial clients and make some extra money.

To conclude, these are five ways to make money with photography. Stock photography, photography workshops, writing eBooks, photography products, and commercial projects are just a few ways to help your photography business generate extra income. Good Luck!