is a Google Adsense revenue sharing website which pays you for writing and publishing your content online on its website. It is a Crowd sourcing content "Get Paid To Write Online" site like Xomba, Hubpages, Infobarrel etc. Snipsly generates its income by placing Google Ads on the web pages of your content through Google Adsense programme. The interesting aspect of this site is that it generously shares 80% of the revenue generated by the Google Adsense ads with its members (writers). That is a pretty good percentage and probably the best.

Snipsly is relatively a new entrant in the get paid to write online club. This web site s was launched in October 2009 .Within a short period, it has managed to get a Google page rank of 3 and Alexa rank of 10, 135. The site is ranked 1680 in India where approximately 42% of the traffic comes from, and in Philippines, its rank is 1233.

To join snipsly as its member, you have to create an account by registering on its website with your email id and username. The process is very simple and immediately you will get an email confirming your membership and your password which you can change it after first login. Now you can start posting your content.

You can publish your articles and bookmarks on Snipsly. Writing on Snipsly is very easy compared to many other such sites. Each article or post should be at least 3 sentences long and it will be published immediately without waiting for any approval. The site allows its members to post kind of stuff as long as it adheres to its simple rules. You can post any bookmark, a video, or an image.

Snipsly also allows affiliate links. You can post back links to your own site, blog, or other articles to drive more traffic to your sites. An interesting feature of this site is that all its bookmarks are "Dofollow" that allows Google and other search engines take them into consideration. This also helps you to promote your own articles and blogs.

There is no referral programme but it is more than compensated by a generous 80% adsense share.

Snipsly is a very good site for writing online and earning money. Try it yourself at