Wordpress is a platform, that allows people to make websites. Wordpress.com and wordpress.org are two different websites that alow users to make websites. Wordpress.com is free and wordpress.org costs money. Using both wordpress websites, you can make money online and in this article, I will show you how.




It is hard to make money on Wordpress.com because, they do not allow advertisements, such as google ads. Still, user can make money with it. When you make a Wordpress blog, you are allowed to add links. These links can help you make money. When someone clicks on a link, and buys something, you could earn referral income. This is how some people make money off of Wordpress.com. Another thing to consider, is that wordpress.com does have an ad program like google Adsense where for certain wordpress powered  websites, they will allow them to show ads and make money. This program is only available to popular sites though.
 Now that you know how to make money with a Wordpress blog I will show you how to start one.


To start, you should come up with a topic. Look for something that is not to popular but a pretty big audience. You can use some Adwords tools to help you come up with a topic.  Here is a short list of some niche topics you could use.

  • dirt biking
  • orchids
  • pet rabbits
  • paintball
  • honey bees

as you can see, these topics are niches. Instead of saying plants, I was more specific and said orchids. These niche topics will help you differentiate yourself from the competition.

Once you have come up with a topic, you can choose a template and gadgets to add to your site. This is pretty easy to do, so I won't go into to much detail about it. By adding some plugins, you can make your site standout.

When your site design and layout is set, you should work on developing content. Content can be made in the form of articles,videos,even pictures. The more content the better. Spend a ton of time making high quality content, it really shows. I recommend having at least 20 articles on your site and at least 10 pictures.  The more content the better.

Search engine optimization is the next step. Now you have an amazing blog with tons of high quality content. You need people to come check out your blog, so you will have to optimize it for search engines. This can be done by building links to your site, adding tags at the end of articles, even starting an ad campaign can help increase your search engine rankings. The more you focus on getting traffic to your site the more money you could potentially make. 

 Monetizing a free WordPress blog, is hard. You have to be creative in the ways you try to make money. A good start is to try to sell links to your site. Some people are willing to pay money to have their sites url on your site. You may be able to make a little money this way, although. Another way to monetize your site is to join affiliate programs. Many sites offer affiliate programs that you can use to make money here is an example. If I started a site about cooking, I would look for an affiliate program that relates to cooking. I would realize that Quirky.com has a product for cooking and by becoming an affiliate I can make money. I would than put a link to that product in my website and when someone buys the cooking tool from my link, I will make money. By joining affiliate programs and embedding them into your website, you may be able to make some money. One thing to remember is that, you may be able to have ads on your site, if you meet the Wordpress WordAds requirement.  Wordpress, does not clearly outline these requirements, but in general, if you have a popular blog with at least 2,000 views a month you should be able to get into and make some money with ads.




Using wordpress.org, may cost some money but can make a big payoff in the long run. When you make a blog on wordpress.org, you need to have your own hosting and domain name. This means that you need to spend some money.  By spending money, you will a lot more opportunities, for your site so you may be able to make more money. You cannot make a blog on wordpress.org without getting a domain name and hosting. Basically when you get your domain name, you can use Wordpress.org themes and plugins to make your site run. In this part of the article, I will show you how to make a blog using Wordpress.org.

Your first step when making a Wordpress.org powered blog is to come up with a topic. Like with any website, you will need a niche. Once you have come up with that niche, you need to get a domain name. Most people buy domains at Godaddy.com. The domains run for about 10 dollars a year. You may need to search a little for the right domain, because most of the good ones have already been taken. When you find a domain, you will need to find hosting. Hosting can cost 0- 100+ dollars a year. There are a few free hosting sites, and when you are just starting your website, I recommend using them. You can aways switch hosting services whenever you want so do not worry about being tied into a hosting service.


When you have your domain and hosting secured, download, Wordpresses software. It is pretty easy to download and if you ever need help, go to Wordpress.org.  After you download the software, you can also download plugins to help you make your site better. Some of the plugins cost money, but you can get some really good ones for free.  Like with a free Wordpress powered blog, you will need to make some content and do  some search engine optimization. Both of these things must be done in order to make your blog successful. Id you do not commit to doing search engine optimization, you will get very small amounts of traffic and you will barely earn money. Since, you only have to pay for hosting and the domain cost, your overhead should be pretty low meaning you can easily break even. If you get free hosting, than you only have to earn about 1 dollar a month in order to break even on your costs. With such a low overhead, it will be easy to make a profit.