Writing for Money

Earning Income Through Freelance Writing

You have seen all the advertisements online for a freelance writer, and you are thinking, “Hey, I can make an extra buck doing what I love.” Well, this is true if you have the knowledge,experience, and a diverse ability to write persuasive articles and such. It also helps if you are a word guru!

I have worked as a freelancer for over twenty years, and I know the difficulties of the industry, and the hard dedication and work one must do to succeed. Maybe you have a particular niche that is unique and sought after......good for you!

Here are some important facts to consider before launching your freelance writing business.

  • Do you have the time it takes to write, and write, and write? If you want to hone your skill, you must write daily.
  • Do you have a unique niche to offer a potential client? Have you studied etymology or any other specific area that would make you an expert in the field?
  • Do you have the what it takes to work for yourself? Some people do not. A freelance writer needs organization and the ability to stick to a schedule to succeed.
  • Has anyone ever said to you, “You ought to do this for a living” after reading one of your articles or books?
  • Do you have a separate area where you can focus and not be distracted while working on projects? Distractions often lead to mistakes in your writing career.
  • Do you have a contract and a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) you can send to potential clients? It is necessary to protect your interests, as well as the interest of your client.

To some people, freelance writing seemingly appears as a luxury job with many benefits. Frankly, if you are working hard at your business, the main luxury is that it is your business and you can work it as you wish. Some travel writers will lead you to think that they are raking in the dough, but truly, they are making pennies on their projects after considering all the expenses. There is freedom in freelancing. You can turn down any assignment you know you are not qualified for, or that you do not want to work on. If you work for an established firm, you may not have those kinds of choices.

In the end, if you are one to procrastinate, writing is not for you. It takes planning and thinking, and re-thinking the entire project. It takes time to formulate a good article or to write a page of web-content. Oh, some freelance writers can whip it out so fast it can make your head spin! These professionals have mastered their skills and are constantly implementing new techniques to meet a desired outcome.

To be successful as a freelance writer, it is imperative that you  are personable, intuitive, educated, and savvy at your craft, Most importantly, you should be a good businessperson who can keep deadlines. If you have these qualities, you will most likely succeed in your writing career.

Best wishes,

Jane Morin