Writing articles online is a great way to make money. It takes work, and there is always more to learn, but you can steadily build up a part time or even a full time income as an online writer or content provider. Here are some ideas how you can make money writing online.

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Be Disciplined For Success
Even if you just want to write part-time, you should try to be consistent. Have some discipline in whatever level you want, whether it's posting one article a week or one every day. You can work from home, which is a great benefit. On the other hand, it is easy to get distracted with games, household chores and websurfing. The bottom line is that you have to sit down and write. Set a goal for your writing, post it up on your desk and try to stick to it.

What to Write About
Most writers start off writing about what they know. That is definitely the best way to get started because you understand the subject and can write about it in some detail. You have credibility in the subject becasue you've done it or made it or experienced it. You want to write articles that will help someone else understand the subject better. Eventually, as your research and writing skills improve, you can expand your writing to things you can research and write about. Try to add value to the subject by writing from a different perspective or adding more to the topic to make it more comprehensive.

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What Topics Make Money
To make money through online writing, you have to write about what people search for. You can look up "top searches" or "most searched terms" and get some ideas. If you can create some articles based on those subjects, you will start getting viewers and your articles will begin to earn money. The beauty of writing on the internet is that even in a narrow market, all the people in the world that have a similar interest can find you and help you make money.

Search Engine Optimization
Search engine optimization, or SEO as it is called, is the art of increasing traffic to your articles and getting them a higher ranking in search engines. The higher an article shows up in search results, the more people will click on it. In order to make more from your articles, you need to learn how to use keywords, insert backlinks to your articles, and promote them. The more you optimize your articles for search engines, the more money you can make. You can learn SEO by participating in writers forums, reading other articles, and researching it online. There are many books on search engine optimization also. In their 2010 book "Inbound Marketing," authors Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah explain how to figure out your niche audience and use SEO tools to target them, rather than trying to capture the whole Google universe.

Promote Your Writing
In addition to writing and adding keywords to your articles or blog posts, you need to do some promotion as well. That means getting the word out about your writing. You can write blog posts that link to your articles and talk about them in chat rooms. You can use social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and Stumbleupon to put your articles in front of potential viewers. In the classic book "The New Rules of Marketing a and PR: How to use Social Media, Blogs, New Releases, Online Video and Viral Marketing To Reach Buyers Directly," author David Meerman Scott says that creating a few links is not enough. To create staying power, you should show viewers that you are the expert in the field you are writing about, and then make it easy for them to find your work and contact you to read more of your content.

Writing online gives you the flexibility of working at your own pace and on your own schedule. It seems like magic when you start seeing pennies and then dollars flowing into your bank account from your writing. I hope this article helps you get started. Good luck in your online writing career.