There are loads of different ways to make money online, and I think I must have tried out quite a few of them myself. Some have been successful for me and have made me quite a bit of money, allowing me to make my writing a website development my full time job, whereas others have been less successful and have fallen by the wayside. One of the things that has worked well for me has been writing reviews and review blogs. That doesn't mean that it would definitely be a good earner for you to, but it does at least mean that I know it's possible. So here is my brief guide along with a few of my top tips to tell you how to make money writing review blogs and articles.

Things You Will Need

To start off with you need a good domain name - ideally it should contain at least some of the main keywords that you are targetting.

You also need a web hosting account, preferably on servers located in the country you want to get traffic from - you can go here to get cheap usa hosting.

You will also need to pick out a good niche. That is probably the most important thing that will determine your success or otherwise and it is well worth putting in some time doing the research.

I reccomend using wordpress, but there are other platforms out there. You need to pick the one that you feel most comfortable working with.

Tips & Warnings

High paying niches often have a lot of competition. You need to find a balance between getting a good profit per visitor and being able to get visitors in the first place.

When publishing reviews, add affiliate links to both the product itself, and a few other related items in order to make extra money.

Choosing the right titles for your reviews is important. Some products are famous enough for people to search on google for reviews, but many aren't, so you need to be clever about wording your posts in a ways that relates to people's search queries.

Digital products often pay well when people buy through affiliate links, and it may also be easier for you to get hold of free copies to review.

Joining a pay per post program where people hire you to write a review of their product and publish it on your site can help to add an extra revenue stream for your site.

And finally, my most important tip is this: be patient and persistant. It can take a long time to start making a really good income like this, but if you keep at it then you will get there in the end!