How to make your fingernails grow faster

Knowing how to make your fingernails grow faster and improve their appearance is important. There are some people who may wish their nails would grow faster. What you need to understand first is that nails are made up of hardened proteins and grow when new cells develop and replace the older cells. At most, your nails grow 1.2 millimeters in a week. For slow-growing nails, growth is at 0.5 millimeters in a week. Some of the factors that play a role in slow-growing include advancing of age, and poor blood circulation.

The growth originates from the base that is known as the growth plate. While the fingernails are growing, the cells multiply, mature and later die. It is after they die that they get filled with a protein matrix which enables them to be hard and tough. The reasons for keeping long nails are many and vary from one person to another. Some people are very expressive and use their hands whenever they are speaking. They will, therefore, want to keep their fingernails long in order to protect the image they project.

Maintenance is very crucial in keeping them both smooth and strong, and this assists in reducing easy breakage and causing Fingernail Problems. In most cases, regular trimming and buffing them to get rid of ridges boosts their growth. Also, moisturize the hand and the fingernails with few drops of olive oil to encourage healthy growth too. It would also be advisable to rub them with something bitter for the purpose on discouraging Nail Biting.

Nutritional habits have a lot of influence on how your fingernails grow. Diets that are low in proteins lead to slowed growth. The nails may weaken and break, thus impeding their growth. You should consume a reasonable amount of calories on daily basis. Your daily diet should be modified to include protein-rich stuffs such as eggs, chicken, meats, low-fat cheese and even the soybeans. Try to take a multivitamin and protein shakes on a daily basis.

Drink Milk to Help Nails GrowCredit: google imageDrinking some milk every day helps speed up the growth. The vitamin D in milk is responsible for strengthening of your fingernails. Besides, vitamin A really helps them to grow faster. You find vitamin A in carrots, apricots and mangoes. Also, drink vitamin C from an orange juice because it helps the fingernails to develop faster, firm and healthy.

The polish that you use should be nutrient-filled. This makes the nails grow faster. You apply a layer each night so that the fingernails can grow even faster. Go for manicures regularly. You can do it yourself or visit some professional. Good hygiene and maintenance for hands and nails is paramount in keeping your nails healthy and strong.

From the fact that blood flow stimulates growth of nails, most people are interested on how to get blood flowing in their system. Obviously, pianists have got long fingernails which should be trimmed constantly. This is because of the constant blood flow to their fingernails. Other activities that enhance blood flow and in the end promote growth of fingernails include sewing, typing, gymnastics, gardening, cooking, and other hand related tasks.

Further, remember to stay warm. When your hands are warm for most of the time, the fingers experience increased blood flow. In case you are outside in the cold, wear gloves to keep your hands warm. Wearing gloves is also a good deterrent if you’re trying to quit Biting Your Nails. In warm climates, nails grow faster, and that means that they grow faster in summer. When your body is fighting flu, nails grow faster. Fingernails also grow faster, especially on longer fingers.

Garlic to Help Nail GrowthCredit: Google imageGarlic has also been proved to be effective in making your nails to grow faster. You apply garlic paste on your nails at least twice in a week or you can simply cut down a garlic clove into half and then rub it on nails. Its juice gets absorbed into the nails. To remove the garlic smell, rub your fingers with lemon.

Some of the don'ts that go a long way in ensuring faster growth of nails include stopping the habit of biting and scratching nails, avoiding painting of nails, and avoiding washing dishes because it weakens the nails. Detergents can be harsh on your nails, thus affecting their growth. You should always wear gloves to protect your fingers from any harmful chemical.