Lining a driveway, stair, deck or patio with candles, contained in ice gives off a beautiful, sparkling glow to fit right in with the winter season. The flicker of the candle's flame dances through the ice to give off a pretty glow. Using ice as a candleholder also adds a measure of safety when burning candles; after all, ice and water are not flammable. Adding ice candleholders adds a touch of magic to outdoor decor. The candleholders sparkle like crystal from afar and are just as beautiful close-up.

You Will Need:

Coffee cans, water-jugs, milk containers or small buckets

water-bottles, toilet paper-rolls or shampoo bottles

Plastic wrap

Utility knife

Petroleum jelly

Sand or rocks

Pine needles, holly berries or whole cranberries

Food coloring 

Save old coffee cans, water-jugs, milk containers, small buckets or any other appropriately shaped items. Save a few bottles from bottled water, toilet paper-rolls, or round shampoo bottles.

Cover the toilet paper-roll with plastic wrap. Cut in half; the water-jug, water-bottle, shampoo bottle or milk carton with a utility knife.

Paint the inside walls of the coffee cans, water-jugs, buckets or other container with a heavy layer of petroleum jelly.

Coat the plastic wrapped toilet paper-roll, shampoo/water-bottle with a thick layer of petroleum jelly.

Set the toilet and bathroom paper-roll, shampoo/water-bottle in the center of the coffee-can, water-jug or bucket.

Fill the toilet paper-roll, shampoo/water-bottle with sand or rocks.

Pour water into the larger outer container.

Decorate the water with pine needles, whole holly berries or cranberries. You can also add a few drops of food coloring to create a new effect.

Place the containers in the freezer or if the outside temperatures remain below 32 degrees during daylight hours, place the containers in a shed, under a porch or somewhere else that does not have direct sunlight.

Let the water freeze into a solid mass.

Slide the center bottle or toilet paper-roll with sand or rocks out of the larger container.

Turn the can over and slide the solid ice out. If the ice does not slide out easily, pour cold water over the overturned container.

Place a candle in the hole in the center of the ice, light it and enjoy the ambiance.


Consider etching a design in the ice to create a decorative ice candleholder.

If you like the look of bubbles in the candleholders, use sodium-free seltzer water instead of tap water.