I was browsing through the internet today looking for quick ways to make cash if you have 0$ to invest and I found a really interesting idea that I'm thinking of implementing to see if it would work. I'll make sure to make an update post soon to let you know if I successfully implemented this strategy. I thought it might be a cool little project you would be interested in so I decided to write an article about it so you could try implementing it yourself

I found it on a forum and it's pretty simple.

Here is the step-by-step system:

STEP 1 -> Sign up for a free blogger blog on blogger.com

STEP 2 -> Over the next few days or in the course of one day, write 10 blog posts on your new blog. Do your best to write great blog posts but don't be a perfectionist and spend all day on this. Do it well but do it fast too.

STEP 3 -> Sign up with these following sites: payperpost, sponsored review, blogitive, blogsvertise, smorty.

If you're accepted to these sites, they will basically pay you to write a review about a specific product or service on their behalf. It's one of the easiest ways to make quick cash apparently and it's definitely worth a try.

STEP 4 -> Once one of these sites accept you and offer you a gig to review something, do it! Check out the product in question and write up an honest review about it. Make sure to talk about both the pros and cons of the product and be honest about your review. It's important to note also that you have to follow all FTC rules too. The FTC rules basically state that you need to tell your readers that you're being paid to write this review. You can find great examples of proper Earnings Disclosures on the internet that follow all the laws. Just copy one of those from a reputable site word for word.

STEP 5 -> This last step is my favorite step and it's also the easiest step. Step 5 is about receiving your payment for the reviewing service you have rendered. It should be easy to do this step and it will probably be the funnest of these 5 steps.

On the same forum, I found other recommendations of easy ways to make quick cash online. The funny thing I discovered is that all these make money online forums recommend getting started the same way for newbies. The experts all agree. It doesn't matter what forum they post on. What they all recommend is that you sell services as a way to get into the make money online world. Services you can offer for pay include creating content(like writing articles) or maybe even doing other things like creating backlinks or even some web design or graphic design depending on your skills. I believe the easiest service you could offer is probably writing articles. It's pretty easy to create a 500-1000 word article and all you really have to do is get enough eye balls on your article writing offer. You can do this in many ways. In the following paragraph, I'll list my favorite ways to promote your article writing service:

You could promote your service on forums in your signature file. You could offer your service on a site like fiverr.com or tenerr.com. You could go to internet marketing forums and offer to write a free article on any topic to test your article writing service.This means you won't make money right away but if you do a good job, you'd be surprised at how many people end up paying you for more articles. Oftentimes, these people will become long-term customers and this could result in an additional revenue stream that lasts for years to come so it's definitely worth it. Other ways you could promote your article writing service include word of mouth marketing. Just let people know that you are offering to write articles for pay.

Tell those people to tell their friends and family. Word of mouth marketing is still one of the most effective forms of advertising and it's free! Another way you could tap into word of mouth marketing is to tell people you are offering article writing services on Twitter and Facebook among many other places. Also, you could create a free blog on blogger about your services or a free site on weebly.com about your article writing and then promote that website/blog in various ways like social bookmarking, etc...

I do believe that setting up a free blog or website is a very very good idea for many reasons. First, it's like having an online business card. Also, if you do set up a blog or website(which shouldn't take you more than a day), all you would have to do next is start driving traffic to that blog/website. This of course is not an easy thing to do but if you want to learn how to get started, just do a google search on free ways to drive traffic to your blog/website. Additionally, I'll list a few ways to get free traffic in the next paragraph.

There are lots of great ways to generate traffic to your new article writing service website or blog. Some of the best ways include things like article marketing on sites like ezinearticles.com, or video marketing on sites like youtube.com, or forum marketing like we discussed in the paragraph above. Also, if you have a little wiggle room in your budget and can afford to spend a little, you could get into PPC marketing which means pay-per-click marketing and you can use google adwords for this. I believe the best thing to do to generate traffic would be to write relevant articles, upload them to as many article directories as you possibly can. Then turn those articles into videos and send them to all the video websites you can think of. Finally, do a little forum marketing every single day. Those 3 things are more than enough in terms of traffic generation and will definitely help you jump start your article writing business.

Thanks for reading!