To make quick money as an online seller requires some knowledge about how the business works. Also, organization with your inventory to be sold. To make money as an online seller can be rewarding financially and in many other ways. You are providing quality items for others to use and enjoy. Here are some basic steps for you to consider

Step 1

Choose the online auction site that is right for you. Sign up and become a member. They will also have options for accounts receivable that you can easily sign up for. I only use an online money market account. Allowing buyers to mail you personal checks and money orders is time consuming and frustrating.

Step 2

Decide the items you wish to put up for auction. You have already done your prep work: research, photos, honest item description. Set the starting price and fill out the seller's template, complete with pictures.

Step 3

A normal online auction is 7 days. Other options are 3 , 5 or 10 days, buy it now, or a combination. The buy it now offer will disappear once the first bid is accepted. Keep checking back to see if any potential buyers have questions. Look to see how many have viewed your item.

Step 4

On your account page you can also tell how many potential buyers saved this item or put it on their watch list for future consideration. Many buyers wait to bid at the eleventh hour, trying to get the best price.

Step 5

Your item sold! The price is more than you expected. How grand! The buyer is automatically sent an email invoice. You receive an email message when they have deposited the entire amount into your online money account. This includes the amount for the item and the shipping and handling fees that you initially set in your listing. Package the item with care using protectve materials. Ship promptly, as this is also an important step in customer satisfaction.

Step 6

Always make sure your listing is professional looking. Take your own photos of any flaws, maker marks and the tight and long shots of your item. Write an honest description, if you are not sure of it's history, state any information about a similar item and it's function. Believe me when I tell you that taking the time for good photos and a detailed description will pay off in the long run. One or two categories should be chosen with the highest amount of interest and views that this item has the potential to bring in.

Step 7

Leaving positive feedback is vital. If you are just starting out as a seller and need more credibility, start buying things on the online site so that you can increase your positive feedback. That's how these online communities work. If you have a great feedback number, most buyers will not hesitate to bid or buy from you.

There are opportunities galore to make quick money as an online seller. You will easily catch on to the process of choosing and listing your items, building your positive feedback and offering superb customer service. This is a wonderful way to build a full time--at home business--or bring in additional cash whenever you need it.

Tips & Warnings

Always focus on honesty and integrity throughout the entire process.