We've all seen and heard the stories about the get rich fast individuals who are living their dream. Are these stories true or are they just malicious advertisements to get you to dump alot of money? I have personal experience with 3 seperate MLM companies. I've only had success with the one I'm currently involved in. All of the things that are required to be successful will be lined out for you. Keep reading and find out what to look for when deciding to join a MLM company. I am about 4 months away from having the option of quitting my job. I've been with this company less than a month and I've already made more money with them than the last two companies combined. I've also put in A LOT less money than I put in with the last two companies. There is no doubt that you can make really good money in multi-level marketing (MLM). However, it is not as easy as a lot of these companies want you to believe. Read on to find out how you can be successful in MLM and what you need to look for.

Things You Will Need

*Successful sponsor *Company with eithics and integrity *Relatively new company and product *High quality product *Determination *Perserverance *Consistency

Step 1

"Behind every great person is a mentor". This is so true and one of the most important things you need to look for. Be sure and get in under someone who is successful and is willing to teach and train you. This person can help propel your business and give you guidance. Duplicating what they've done is key in your business.

Step 2

Find a company that is ethical and has integrity. There are so many great companies out there, but for every great company there are 10 bad ones. ‚ Make sure that the company you get into is led by ethical individuals and people of integrity.

Step 3

Unfortunately, 90% of people fail in MLM. ‚ ‚ Want to be in the 10% that make it? ‚ ‚ Well, a lot of that depends on where the company is in it's growth. ‚ ‚ The ideal time to get into a company is during it infancy. ‚ ‚ Timing is HUGE in this industry.

Step 4

Finally, look for a company that has a great product. Quality and value are essential. This is extremely important for longevity in this industry.

When I made my decision to join the company I'm with now I did my homework. I made sure that I wasn't getting into another situation of promises and no payouts. As I said before, I've been in less than a month and I'm on track to be able to quit my job in approx. 4 months. Be sure and look for all of these things I stated above when looking for a company. Learn from my mistakes, this will save you a ton of time and a lot of money. If you are interested in learning about the MLM company I'm in please feel free to e-mail me and I will be more than happy to go into more detail. miriamsdue@cox.net

Tips & Warnings

*If it sounds like a scam, it usually is.

*Be weary of pushy individuals that want to get you in fast because of a "deadline".

*Do research about the company and product. Make an educated, informed decision.