We Love Rhubarb

Rhubarb wine is some thing that has been around since people started 
cultivating this useful plant. It is one of those plants that are just great 
for any kind of recipe that you can think of. You could make pies and 
puddings just to name a few of its great uses but this article is about how 
to make yourself a delicious and strong rhubarb wine that you will be proud 
to call your own.

Rhubarb Wine Ingredients

What you are going to need to make your rhubarb wine is:

  • 1.5 kg - Rhubarb
  • 1.3 kg - Sugar
  • 250 ml - White grape juice concentrate
  • 1 packet - White wine yeast
  • 1 tbsp - Yeast nutrient

Process and Procedure

The first thing that you are going to want to do is to wash your rhubarb thoroughly, then you need to chop it into small segments. Half a centimeter is good enough. You are then going to want to place the chopped rhubarb into a food grade bucket and stir in the sugar. Put the lid on the bucket and let this sit for about three days.

After your three-day waiting period you are then going to need to crush the
concoction with a potato masher or rolling-pin or something like that. You
are going to need to add three liters of clean water.

After that you have to strain the mush that you created into another clean
bucket and add the grape juice concentrate. make sure that you have at least
four and a half liters of this mixture in your bucket. If you do not, you can
just add more clean water to get it to that level.

Now you are going to want to add the yeast to your mixture. Cover the bucket
with the lid and let this sit for a week.

After you have been patient for a week you then need to transfer your wine
into a sterilized carboy. This is to remove the sediment that is at the
bottom of the secondary fermenting bucket.

Once the fermentation has stopped you can then pour your rhubarb wine into
bottles and it will be ready to drink right away.

If your rhubarb wine looks a bit hazy you can always add some
pectolyase to remedy this problem.

Now that you know how to make rhubarb wine why don’t you you just give it a
try and you will be sipping on your very own hand crafted, back yard grown,
delicious beverage.

Bottling of Rhubarb Wine