Standing in the middle of your room, you realize that you need to know how to make some cash quick, but how?

Take a good look around you. Do you have CDs and DVDs collecting dust in the corner? Do you have books that you have read, and are just causing a clutter pile on the coffee table? Or what about those gift cards that your Aunt Bert gave you to that store you would not set foot in? But how do you turn your clutter into cash?

With the advances on the internet, there are many places now that will accept good second hand or older electronics, without you having to set one foot in a consignment store. If you are not fond of garage sales, and consignment stores, but have access to the internet, then this may be the answer to your question.

Where to Sell Stuff?

Lets start with all those CDs and DVDs that you are done with. You can find out pretty quickly how much you can get paid for these unwanted items. Sites such as or, both of these sites will let you know right away how much they will pay you for your unwanted CDs and DVDs as long as they are still in good condition. Just follow the instructions.

This might be a great way to lin your pockets quickly and de-clutter your home at the same time. It all adds up. Some titles may not be worth much and others more than you think.

Sell Old BooksHow to Make Some Cash FastCredit:

If you don't have the space to start a library, and have piles of already read books that you have to dust around on the coffee table, then go to or The site will ask for the ISBN number, which should be on the jacket somewhere near the barcode. This is the books identity code. You can get an instant quote. It could be anywhere from .50 cents up to many dollars depending on the title, it certainly all adds up.

Sell Gift Cards

You hate to be rude, but when Aunt Bert gave you that gift card for that clothing store that you don't like and is not your style, you gracefully thanked her, but now that gift card has been sitting on the counter since your birthday, and you just don't know what to do with it.

Then check out or or even Ebay, you can usually get between 70 and 90% of the card value in cash. This is another way to make some cash quickly.

Try Selling Used Electronics

If love your electronics, and have all the older models of cell phones kicking around as you have been purchasing the latest and greatest models as the come out, or iPods, or even printers and computers laying around, then why not get rid of them for some cash?

If the cell phone for example is still in good condition and there are no plans attached to it, you can get cash for it at places like or You can get a check from BuyMyTronics, or a gift card from the Best Buy Site.

Did you know if you originally bought your electronics from Best Buy and still have the sales receipt kicking around somewhere, that they will take it back and get a gift card on the spot? This is a good way to recycle electronics, so remember to try these sites before you throw your electronics in the garbage.

Sell Clothes at this Free StoreHow to Make Some Cash FastCredit:

If you don't like the idea of going out to consignment stores or sharing such a high percentage with them in commissions, then you can check out online for sites that will purchase your old clothing.

There is a cool site called, where you open a free storefront and upload the best pictures you can of your clothing items that you want to sell, and put a description with it, such as size and condition and set a price. This can be a great way to find homes for your nicer clothing or vintage clothing and fill your wallet too.

I have a friend that goes out to estate sales and garage sales and purchases vintage clothing just so she can sell it online at sites such as the one above.

Selling to Make Money

So, if you are finding yourself in a position where you need to find cash quickly, then before you panic, take a good look around you. Look in the closets and under the bed and in the kitchen drawers and on the coffee table, you could be sitting on a gold mine of vintage books and CDs and DVDs that are wanted. Or maybe that vintage dress you wore to the Christmas party last year, could bring you in some good money.

So, take the time to check out these sites, and then take a day and go through your stuff, and try to sell as much as you feel comfortable parting with. Your house will be clean and your wallet will be fuller!

You never know, you may find a great little side business, selling used items online. Vintage clothing and older cell phones seem to sell well. So, surf around these sites and see if you can find anything in your home that would be worth parting with for a few dollars. A few dollars here and there will add up quickly and to sell things is a great way to purge your surroundings and create a stress free environment.

When things are going well, we tend to accumulate "things", and when we need to find money  quick, we should look at these "things" as a way to get out from under them. Let someone else get use from it, and keep it out of the landfill sites. Not only can you make extra money, but you are doing your part to de-clutter your life and reduce your carbon footprint.

How to Make Some Cash for Gifts

If you are trying to stretch your budget for Christmas or Birthday gifts this year, then start looking through your house, you may be surprised just how much money you may be sitting on. Remember the saying "One mans trash is another mans treasure"? That is how to make some cash fast.