This receipe was originally quite different and was rather bland. I have changed a few things over the years and it is now a favorite. We always fix it at least one morning when we are camping and several times at home, sometimes for dinner. If you like spicy foods, you should enjoy this.

Things You Will Need

1. Large non-stick frypan and a couple of smaller non-stick fry pans 2. Frozen shredded hashbrowns 3. 6 eggs 4. Shredded cheddar cheese (we like regular and pepperjack) 5. pickled jalapeno peppers 6. Fresh green, red or assorted peppers 7. One sweet onion 8. One package of bulk breakfast sausage (we like Jimmy Dean's Hot)
Fry the breakfast sausage in the large frypan. As it cooks, add the chopped onions and peppers. In the summertime we pick fresh peppers from our garden and have a pretty good variety-the more the better. When the sausage and peppers are mostly cooked, add about a dozen or so of the pickled jalapeno peppers, depending on how spicy you would like to make it. While the sausage and peppers are cooking, cook the hash browns in a separate skillet-usually about half of a smaller size package. Next, prepare the eggs to be scrambled. Once the sausage and peppers are done,add the cooked hash browns. Scramble the eggs in a separate pan and then add them. Once everything is in the large fry pan and mixed together well, turn the heat down and cover the top of the mixture with the shredded cheese. We like to use both regular cheddar and pepperjack. We also like to use quite a bit of cheese, so if you like cheese, be generous with the cheese. Then cover the pan and it is ready to eat once the cheese is melted. It is a complete meal in one pan and we have discovered that leftovers warm up quite well.

Tips & Warnings

The reason that I cook the hash browns and eggs separately is that if you cook it all together, the hashbrowns tend to get gummy and the scrambled eggs don't form into the nice chunks of egg that they do if cooked apart. They can be cooked all together, but we like the way it turns out better when they are prepared separately.