While I was window shopping, I observed that there were a large crowd of people gathering around a fenced up area. There were a group of kids with their parents busy making what looks like stained glass. I thought such stained glass decorations belong to the churches. Such professional art has been transcended into a children's art and craft activity. 

1. Choose A Pattern or Poster
You can either choose any available poster from the service provider of this art and craft accessories or you can buy some from the nearby bookstore. These posters are coloring pictures like Mickey Mouse, Barney, Tinkerbell or Hello Kitty pictures. These pictures will form the outline to fill it glass deco paint later. A last resort, you can of course draw your very own picture and use it for this purpose.

2. Place A Plastic Sheet over Poster
For this plastic sheet, this can be taken from a normal transparent plastic bag and then cut out in the shape of the poster sheet. Next cover over the poster with the plastic sheet and secure both sheets with either a stapler or a scotch tape. This will ensure the plastic sheet do not move or go out of alignment when you are putting in the glass deco paint. Another form of plastic sheet could be those transparent wrapping plastic for books. This is harder and heavier and so may be better than normal plastic which is quite flimsy.

3. Squeeze Glass Deco Paint onto Plastic Sheet
With the secured poster and plastic sheets, you may choose the black glass deco paint first to draw out the outline of the picture you want to make. Once the outline is done, you can then select the different colors of the deco paint to slowly fill up the outline of the pictures. This is like coloring the pictures but just that it is now using the deco paints. This is also like playing the computer application Paint, usually under the Accessories folder. First draw the outline, then use the Fill with Color feature to fill. 

4. Blow Dry Completed Work with Hair Dryer
Once the entire outline has been filled up with color, the stained glass art decoration is now ready to be dried. Using mild blow, use the hair dryer to go over the art piece. While this involves an electrical appliance, it is best to request help from parents or an adult. Another alternative is to place the art piece under the sun. 

5. Stick Glass Deco on Glass Wall or Smooth Wall Tiles
After about fifteen minutes (for blow dry) or two hours (for sun dry), you can check out if the paint has dried. Once it is ready, you can then peel out the entire stained glass art decorations. Now the art piece is ready to be pasted on any glass wall or smooth wall tiles. It can also be placed in the kids room. It is going to be a memorable work and great achievement for the kids and parents too.

Stained Glass Art Piece of Hello Kitty

As I pondered on the above activity, it has provided an opportunity for both kids and parents to build bonding with one another. Working on such activity will allow the parents to know more about their kids at work and kids to learn more from their parents. Of course this is just one activity and there are many other bonding activities they can participate in, like sports, trekking, playing Xbox Kinect / Nintendo games or simply walking in the garden park.