I love to travel.  In fact, every year, I try to take at least four trips to different places.  After all of that traveling, I always have a ton of souvenirs to remind me of my travels.  Now, most of my souvenirs are not usually things that are purchased.  I like to keep the tickets, receipts, and photos from my travels.

After my trips, I never took the time to properly organize all the items that I kept from my trips. Eventually, I realized that I needed to try a different system.  

While planning for one trip, I decided to try a different approach-I would make a plan to organize my souvenirs before I left for the trips. Some of my friends that travel a lot more than I do, recommended that I get a travel organizer.

I knew some people used travel organizers but I did not really think it would help me. Honestly, I thought most travel organizers were just glorified notebooks that cost more.  Needless to say my first thoughts were misplaced.

After doing some extensive research, I decided that the best purchase would be an Abroad: Travel Organizer & Journal. I chose this particular item because it serves so many purposes.

First, the Abroad: Travel Organizer & Journal is compact and fits inside a pocket.  When I travel, I try to travel lightly, so I needed something that would not be too bulky

Second, there are pages that helped me plan my trip.  There is a page that talks about the time zones of different countries, a page to help me budget, a place to list things to do, a place for my potential itinerary, and a place to write emergency contact information.

Third, the Abroad: Travel Organizer & Journal is made out of materials that made it durable for my trips.  The outside cover is waterproof.  I don't know about you, but during my trips I often get caught in unseasonable weather (i.e. rain).  Sometimes, I am prepared but sometimes I am not, so the fact that this organzier is waterproof is fantastic.

Fourth, this journal is heavy duty.  I wanted to make sure that the journal was not something that would be difficult to maintain.  Some travel organizers are made of poor quality.  However, the pages inside of this journal are heavy and will not rip out of the journal easily.

Fifth, the Abroad: Travel Organizer has places for me to store all those papers that I like to keep. There is a place for my tickets, photos, and any other things that I might pick up along the way.

Sixth, this particular journal was the right price. For less than $20 I was able to get the perfect organization for my trip. I love to get a good deal,  but I don’t think that something is worth paying for if it will not do the things that you need it to do.  Because I know that this organizer works, I am able to by one for each trip without feeling like I am wasting money.

If you need an organizer for your trip, I would consider getting a travel organizer.