Infobarrel is a website, that allows users to earn money when the publish an article on the site. Infobarrel lets the users keep 75% of the Adsense revenue that their articles generates. Many people have used Infobarrel to make money. Having written over 150 articles on the site, I have also learnt the in's and out's of making money with Infobarrel. In this article, I will tell you how to make the most out of the site, not just in money, but in knowledge too.



Making Money

There is no limit to the amount of money you can earn on Infobarrel. The more work you put into earning money, the more you will get out of it. You will only make as much money as you choose to make, you are in control. When you publish an article, there will be ads displayed on the side. You will earn 75% of the revenue that those ads makes. Also if you have an Amazon Affiliate account, you can also make money when people purchase products.

On Infobarrel, I have learnt that there are two things you must do to make money.

1. Write high quality articles. If you write high quality articles with great content people will notice. This is very important to making money on the site.

2. Promote your articles. I have seen people with 5 articles, make more than people with 200 articles, because they promoted your articles. You can make the best article in the world but if no one sees it, you will not earn a dime. The second step to making money here is promotion. Promote your great articles. The more you promote the better.

 These two things, that you never want to forget. Some people just write a whole bunch of articles, and do nothing with them. These articles just sit for years and years earning no money. As soon as you write an article, get out and promote in in any way possible, it may pay off in the long term. The more views you get to your articles the more ad revenue.

If you follow these two steps you can make money on Infobarrel.




Contents are an important aspect of Infobarrel. Contests can give you the opportunity to make extra money. When you write an article and it is published on Infobarrel, you are automatically entered into the contest. The more articles you write, the more points you get. The more points you get the more perks you get. The winner of the Infobarrel contest gets a 100 dollar gift card to Amazon, second place gets a 50 dollar gift card and third place gets a 25 dollar gift card. On top of this, when you get more than 20 writing points, your Adsense revenue share increases to 80% and when you get 30 points the revenue share increases even further to 85%. On top of all of this when you submit an article to be chosen to go on the front page, you earn an additional 1% ad share which will go up for each article you submit up to 5% meaning you have the potential to earn an extra 15% ad revenue share by participating in the contest. This means for a month you could earn 90% of the Adsense revenue, that is a lot.

   Entering a contest is easy. Whenever you publish an article that is over 500 words, you get points that add up. The person with the most points wins the contest. You get

1 point for a 500 word article

2 points for a 800 word article

5 points for a 1,000 word article


Based on this system, it pays to make 1,000 word articles. You could write 100, 500 word articles to get 100 points or write 20, 1,000 word articles to get 100 points. The more you write the better you will do.  Not all websites, have such a generous contest and if you join or are apart of Infobarrel, than you should definitely take advantage of this.



Building a following to your Infobarrel feed is important. By making friends on the site and getting people to subscribe to your feed, you can earn great exposure. When someone subscribes to your feed, they automatically get notified whenever you post an article or make any public action. The more subscribers, the more likely that people will look at your new articles. People subscribe to other people's feed, so that they can keep tabs on them. By getting subscribers, you can get views to your articles. While these views will probably no end up converting into ad clicks, the views themselves will show the search engines and other people that you have a popular article.

Featured Articles

 Getting an article featured on the front page of Infobarrel, can offer great exposure. Most of the articles on the front page, get a large amount of traffic which can help bring in revenue. You can submit your articles to get reviewed to be on the front page of Infobarrel now.  Most of the articles, that get approved, come with pictures,videos,text and citations. Infobarrel only puts the highest quality writing on the front page. Getting on the front page may not be as hard as you think. All it entails is submitting your articles that you have recently written  to the featured articles page and hopefully one will get accepted. When you write an article, even if you feel that you have no chance, I recommend submitting it, there is always a chance that you will win and  get your article featured on the front page.

Learning from infobarrel

One thing that many people overlook is the fact that Infobarrel is a learning Mecca. Infobarrel was created to spread information in the form of articles,videos and pictures. One thing everyone can get out of the site is knowlage. There are tons of things you can learn. This site has a mix of every kind of subject from business-music. People write really cool things everyday, and there is always something new you can learn. You can't put a price on the value of learning in my opinion which makes participating here on Infobarrel, priceless!