Making the perfect birthday card is something that's very special and appreciated by the person whom receives it. It let's the birthday boy, or girl know that you care enough to take a bit of time out of your day to make something original; tailored to their certain habits or characteristics that make them the unique person they are. The best part is that you are giving so much for so little. All you need is some paper and a trusty printer.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Find The Perfect Image

The first step in creating a personalized birthday card is to find a decent picture to stick on the front. When choosing a picture, keep in mind any specific qualities or significant facts about the person who you are giving the card to. 

For example, a great idea for a birthday card is to make light of the fact that a person is growing older. You can make fun a bit, but just be sure to make a heartfelt and happy note inside the card! 

Here's an image I found using google.

Burning Cake
Credit: sourced from

Step 2: Think of A Caption And Personal Message

Now that we have our image we can start the fun part; personalizing it! With the image I have here let's assume I'll be giving this to mom, or dad. 

The first thing we want to do is think of a front caption on the card. Make this playful and funny. For this card the caption I will use is " I knew we should have called the fire department..." 

Now that we have our front caption, let's think about what we'll put inside the card. It's always best to keep the message inside the card heartfelt and meaningful. Personally I like to add a little humor too.

Here's the message I decided to put in this card. " Happy Birthday mom, Next year instead of candles I'm just going to light the cake on fire. You're a great mom and we appreciate everything you do. You've been an inspiration and a role model. I hope I have made you proud and did everything and more of what you hoped and dreamed of me. I love you very much."

Short, funny, and heartfelt. These are the best cards!

Step 3: Put It All Together

We've got our Picture, front caption and message, but how do we turn this into a card? Google Docs! Not everyone has access to Microsoft word so goggle docs is the perfect tool to put this all together. 

Open google docs and create a new blank document. With it open change the page setup to landscape and upload your image. 


Google docs card

The Image is moved to the right side of the document so that we can fold the card in half. 

Next you want to add your front caption. 


google doc with caption

Now print out your document. With your document printed fold it in half and with your best flowing pen write in your personalized message. 


If you don't have the best writing you can print off the document and place it back in the printer so you can type your message. Use google docs again and make sure your is oriented in the printer correctly and your text is on the right side of the document.

Step 4: Make Someone Very Happy

Now comes the best part; giving the card to that special someone. The feeling you get when you see someone open up that card and read it is priceless. They will appreciate the sentiment and you will appreciate the time and effort you put into making someone very happy.