If you want to get a great message across, you can't do better than with video. People love moving images. They are busy and videos capture attention.

Until now, doing good videos meant using a video camera and performing difficult editing. Alternatively, you could put together a slide show of photos. This worked as well, but the styling options were limited.

Now, VideoMakerFX is available. This tool provides all the video clip creation services that you can use. It will join your images together in a video. It will put your MP4 movies together with slides or text. It will allow you to create annimations, dynamic text, and more.

VideoMakerFX provides a development platform that is totally optimized for video. Various scenes are packaged together in themes. You can choose a theme which is like a video template. Once selected, a theme is updated with your own images and text. This allows for very fast video production.

In the old days, (like last year), video production was a very slow process. If a dynamic clip was desired, there were many hours needed to create a good clip. Now VideoMakerFX allows you to create such a clip in minutes.

First, a script is created. Imagine that you want to produce a dynamic text video for a coffee shop. The script might be like this:

Tony's Coffee

Come down to 123 Main Street to enjoy fresh roasted coffee at Tony's

We are open from 6AM to 9PM everyday

Get your coffee at Tony's

Whatever you want to say, you can set up in the script. You then go in to the create tool and update a video scene with your script. The first scene will be a large text message. Change the original to match the coffee shop name. Next, change the other scenes to show your text rather than the original.

Within minutes, you can express your script in a custom video. A few more minutes and your clip is fully exported into a MP4 file. You can then upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, or a web site.

Use your video creations for your own web site. Give them to friends and family, or sell them to clients. You have all of the options with this tool.

Features Included

Legal Music Tracks - use with your clips, even for clients

Dynamic text scenes - show text messages that really get viewer attention

Animation - various men and women characters to use for your messages

3D Highlights - show images with 3D borders and frames

Whiteboard - draw a message on a whiteboard automatically

Over 200 scenes available - customize for your purposes

More scenes each month - subscription available.

Subscription to Scenes

Each month, another 50+ scenes are released to those who subscribe to the service. This adds dynamic range to your builder. Included are extra characters, dynamic text themes, or other new scenes. Each month is completely different, increasing your ability to create great videos.

Optional Extras

A number of options are available for VideoMakerFX:


This expansion pack gives video designers a number of additional scenes to use. It comes with extra animated characters, text handling and promotion scenes. One popular theme is the real estate highlighting scene. Use it to show houses, hotels, or vacation cottages. It provides great visuals for real estate. Also included is a product promotion theme. Use it to show any product that is available for sale.


This optional extra is used to find potential clients. It examines web sites to determine whether they host video clips. It can be used to search in geographical areas, or by keyword such as "restaurant".

Prothemes Subscription

As mentioned, the subscription to new monthly scenes is an option. This gives you a new set of backgrounds and effects each month. There may be new characters provided with new animations. There may be new background images. Subscribers have the option of having well over 200 available scenes, with 50 more provided each month. Each of the scenes is customizable. This provides almost an infinite number of possibilities for the video producer.

Free Bonus

Right now, buy VideoMakerFX and you get a free Instant Video template package. This provides 10 templates that you can use for your videos. Just modify the templates to change the text provided into your own words. These make video production even faster.

Additional Bonus

Also available, Legal Music. This bonus gives you an additional 40 fully licensed music tracks that you can use with your videos. The tracks are in various styles such as rock, blues, reggae, and much more. The license allows you to use them for your own web site, or you can include the tracks in a video that you sell to clients.

VideoMakerFX is the hot new product that everyone is talking about. Use it to create videos that grab viewer attention. Promote your business. Display your product inventory. Highlight your services. You can do all this, and much more, faster than you thought possible. It provides a flexible interface that is easy to use. Make MP4 video files in no time. Customize everything. Bundle your clips with music, voice-over narration, and images.

This tool gives you the power that was extremely expensive just a short time ago. Now you can become extremely productive in the lucrative world of video production. Check it out and find out just how easy, fast and fun this tool is to use.

Legal Music

Get a bonus of 20 additional music tracks that you can use in your video clips. This package includes a wide range of musical styles. Rock, techno, hip hop, and more, are included. Tempo is adjustable. Everything is fully licensed for your use, personally and commercial. Include these tracks with videos that you sell to clients. The music tracks help the clips come alive.

VideoMakerFX Support

An active Facebook group is available for users of the tool. This group is very helpful and is made up of people from virtually around the world. See what others are doing. Get helpful tips. Find out how people are approaching clients, and making lucrative sales of videos.

A support site is also provided. This gives helpful tips and training for the tool. A knowledge base provides answers to many questions that have been raised. Product updates are released through this site.

A series of helpful instructional pieces was created. These are available through the support site as well.