DIY Wood Curl Wreath

Wreaths have been made with wood shavings for thousands of years in different cultures. Wood curl wreaths make attractive seasonal door hangings or can be used as a permanent interior decoration. The circular shape of the wreath represents eternity and, as well as for festive decoration, wreaths have traditionally also been put on graves and coffins. By making wood shaving wreaths you will also be doing your bit for the environment by using biodegradable materials and recycling organic waste.

Wood Shavings

How to Make a Wood Shaving Wreath:

1. To make a wood shaving wreath you will first need to pick some bunches of long dry rushes, straw or grasses to make the wreath frame. Young trees, or saplings, can also provide bendable branches which make a good wreath base. Shape the rushes, grasses or branches into a circle. Overlap them at the ends and tie them together with twine. As the circle gets larger, tie on the extra layers with more twine, or craft wire.

Wreath Base

2. Tie a piece of craft wire around the wreath in the place you want to be at the top when it is hung. Leave several inches of wire free at both ends of the tie. Twist them together to make a loop for a hanger.

3. Curl the shavings tight by running the edge of a blade on a sharp pair of scissors along the length of the wood shaving. Draw the curl narrow at one side to make a rose bud shape from the wood shaving.

4. Take a hot glue gun and apply patches of glue to the base of the wreath. Cover the wreath base with the rose bud shaped wood shavings with the wider side facing upward. 


- As an alternative wreath base, stretch out a wire coat hanger  to make a circle and tie bunches of grasses, or rushes, around the circle with twine until it is large enough to form the base of your wreath.

- Another simple trick is to recycle the bases from old wreaths. Flower shops make wreaths from live plants, so when they are no longer usable, you can remove the previous decoration and cover the wreath base with wood shavings.

- To make more interesting wood curl wreaths, fill a few bowls with different food colorings. Dip the wood shavings in the bowls to color them and leave them to dry on a newspaper before gluing them on the wreath base.

- To make a simpler wood shaving wreath you can stick the wood shavings on the wreath base as they are, without shaping them into rose buds.

Green Wood Curl Wreath