As a new parent you want to do everything in your power to make sure your baby is as healthy as possible. When you realize you are doing a good job as a new mother or father you start to relax after the first few months of getting into a routine. Then all of a sudden you find that your infant is having some discomfort and you are unsure why. It is from their pesky baby teeth trying to break through their gums. Yup that’s right your baby has started teething. Now you must tackle the job of making your baby comfortable while teething pain is making them cranky.Teething Baby(98210)

Instead of getting anxious that your baby is experiencing so much discomfort while teething take action and halp them cope with the pain and reduce it. There are a few easy ways to do this that are listed below.

Make Your Baby Comfortable While Teething

Sophie the Giraffe – Most mother and fathers will tell you about Sophie the GiraffeSophie the Giraffejust from the fantastic experience that they have had with her. She is a 100% rubber toy that is easily grippable by your baby. They will chew on the soft, food flavored rubber, which will help apply counter pressure to their gums making the pain more manageable. It is recommended that you purchase two of these toys so that you can store one in the fridge or freezer and switch them out when needed, as the cold helps numb your babies gums and gets rid of the teething pain.

Teething Powders – This are an excellent way to help your baby in need quickly. The teething powders dissolve quickly and work almost instaniously on relieving the teething discomfort. Teething powders are cheap to buy and can be a live saver to help your baby sleep at night. If you want to use this on a baby under 6 months, just reduce amount used by half.

Frozen Washcloth – One of the “old” home remedies used for decades. Just simple take a few washcloths and wet them, then place them in a container in the freezer. When your baby is fussy just give them one to gnaw on. Before freezing you should tie a knot in one end to give the baby multiple surface types to chew on.

Your Finger – If you are in a nbind and don’t have any sort of pain reliever with you, you can useUpset Baby your finger to make your baby comfortable while teething. Just simple take your index finger and let them chew on it or you can take th initiative and push it against their gums. They might not like this at first and squirm, but they quickly realize what you are doing to help them and will start to enjoy the help.

Don’t let teething pain take over your babies life for the next few months. You should so anything you can to make your baby more comfortable during teething by reducing the pain and discomfort with one of the ways mentioned above.