Let’s face it: we all hate commuting. However for most of us it has become part of our daily routine.

Getting up at an ungodly hour, quickly eat some breakfast, hop in the shower and off we go to face one hour or more in our car, next to thousands of others just like us. No wonder we arrive at the office in a foul mood!

In this article you will find some tips to help you start of the day more productively:

Enjoy the time you spend in your car by listening to your favorite music, or listening to an audiobook (if you’re an ardent reader) or business podcast that you’ve recorded previously. I usually listen to personal finance podcasts on my way over to clients and always feel I have taken a head start on my day when I arrive at my desk. You can find these podcasts all over the Web, free to download on iTunes, Stitcher or simply on your USB stick.

Make sure you’re comfortable and prepared for any situation. After all, for many of us our car is our second home (especially when you are a freelancer) and there is no need to suffer any more than we have to.  So make sure you always have some bottled water and a snack at hand, and why not keep a pair of comfortable shoes in there as well? If high heels are sexy, they are usually also uncomfortable and shaving of 2 hours of discomfort is nothing to snub at. Thank me later!

If all else fails and you’re really stuck in a monstrous traffic jam, don’t hesitate to get off the highway and go drink a cup of coffee. Many of these highway restaurants offer Wi fi and it’s more efficient to get your laptop out and get some work done than getting stressed in your car over all the work that you won’t get done because you will arrive late at your appointment. 

Good luck on the road!