If you're still struggling to make your first dollar online, I stumbled on this great free training program that I would highly recommend to you. It won't make you rich but it will teach you all the skills you need to start your internet marketing career. Plus, it will allow you to break that huge barrier that is to make your first dollar online.

Once you make your first dollar online, the rest is a lot easier because once you realize that it's possible, you can just scale up your efforts to turn that 1$ into a 10$, 100$, 1000$, 10000$, 1000000$ and so on and so forth. It all starts with making that first 1$ though.

Your confidence will grow as a result of making that first dollar online too which is huge in this business. It will register in your subconscious mind that it is in fact possible to make money online.

The program I am recommending you look into is called The Challenge. It's created by Ed Dale and you could be a part of it for free. It's always open to new members and it's well worth the investment in terms of time and energy. You won't have to spend a single penny but you will have to invest a lot of sweat equity if you want to succeed. I remember reading in a book called the Success Principles that success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. That is a very valid statement in making money online.

The Challenge by Ed Dale will cover all areas of making money online including things like keyword research, SEO, creating content, monetizing, creating a website/blog, etc... Everything you need to know in dead simple terms. It's perfect for any beginner who has yet to make their first dollar online.

Another huge benefit of this program is that it will allow you to start building a real business, a real foundation that you could later expand into a real money-maker.

If I had to start all over in my make money online journey, The Challenge by Ed Dale is where I would start my journey because it's hands down one of the best if not THE best free training program out there on the market right now.

If on the other hand you're interested in passive income, I have a couple of suggestions to make to you... first of all, check out www.smartpassiveincome.com and then sign up for Infobarrel to start writing articles for passive income. Again, you won't get rich overnight but it's a great way to start. One of the biggest benefits to writing on Infobarrel that I have written about in past articles is that you can start learning a lot about keyword research and SEO that will help you for many years to come in your new online career.

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