If you of the type who wants to save money and not end up in spending for Halloween costumes, you can make your own Hellboy costume at home. In this article we will give you some ideas that can be useful to create a Hellboy costume.

As we all know that thecolor of Hellboy is red. So you have to decide whether you are going to put up red colored make up on your torso or wear a long red leotard or t-shirt and just apply red make up to your face. The next thing that you need is a pair of black pants. If you are planning to go without wearing a shirt, then you need to color your upper torso red. If not then you can simply put on a black T-shirt.

Next you can put a big brown belt. A big buckle adds a rough touch to the Hellboy costume. Even a big brown belt without a big buckle may work or do the same job. You can put on a pair of black or brown boots that are big in size. You can wear a tan trench coat. If you don't own one then you can look out for one at a discount store. The longer the coat looks the better it will be. Hellboy should also have horns fixed to his forehead and his head should be bald and painted red. You can put on black facial hair that comes with glue for sticking properly. The Hellboy has a bald look in the front and ties up his black hair into a tail. A tail wig can be bought from at a local fun or wig shop.

For creating the bald look you can buy a bald head from a fun store and paint it red to create the approximate look. The horns that you are going to attach to your fore head with glue should not he too heavy. If they are heavy you cannot balance them and they might come off. You might be having the foam which comes along with the electronic goods that you have purchased. They might be thrown as junk butthese can be used to cut into round shape resembling horns and can be painted red and attached to the forehead with glue.

You are now ready to dress up and look like Hellboy. You can buy some accessories like a big fat cigar and his big gun. You will have a blast!