There are loads of good reasons to have a go at making your own iphone or android phone apps, and the great thing is that anyone can have a go at doing it, creating something using a method that reflect their own knowledge and skill level as well as the needs for whatever ideas they may have. If you have a website, an ebook, music or any other digital product to promote then an app can be a great way to go about doing it. If you are an entrepreneur looking for new opportunities to make money, then apps are a huge market which offers a level playing field for small and new businesses to sell their product, through stores like itunes, alongside those created by major companies without incurring huge costs for promotion . Anfd if you have a great idea, it can also be a rewarding and fun experience for people who want to bring their idea to life and generate a little bit of extra cash, without worrying about creating a whole full time business around it.

If you think you are good at technical stuff and good at learning new things then you can of course learn the necessary programming language and API to be able to make your own phone apps from scratch by writing the code, but fortunately for the rest of us who don't have the time (or the inclination for that matter) to learn all that stuff there is an alternative.

That alternative is app builder software. Just like the now very popular website builder programs, from hugely popular cms like wordpress for making a specific type of site (a blog) to more general programs, these software tools allow anyone to make an app through a simple control panel interface, without needing to get involved in writing code or anything technical like that at all.

There are also clubs out there, which you can join in order to get access to the source code for a wide variety of applications which you can then custmize by adding your own content, including images, text, video and so on.

Things You Will Need

Apart from a good idea, which is of course the main thing, what you will need will depend on which route you intend to take.

You will need either - a book on application development, access to an app builder, or the rights to a piece of source code. In addition to that you need some kind of unique content.

Making applications for iphones or for android phones can be really fun and rewarding, as well as profitable in it's own right or for promoting an established business. Don't be put off by the technical aspects as anyone can do it - if you have a great idea then you can make it happen.

Tips & Warnings

My top tip is that if you have an idea for an application which you would like to sell, then the easiest way to get a good number of sales is by creating an application for the iphone. If you want to give your application away for free, there are actually now more users of android phones than iphones, so that may well be a better route. Ideally you would want to do both, but you will most likley have to focus on one to begin with so this is worth taking into consideration.