Anchorman is one of the funniest movies of all time, and when it comes to dressing up as a movie character for Halloween, choosing a Ron Burgundy costume will be your best bet. However, movie characters are often covered by trademarks, so their costumes are usually quite pricy! I went online and did a quick search. I found out that the majority of Anchorman costumes were selling for well over $80! Eighty dollars for a costume that you will probably only wear once is a lot of money to fork out!

I must tell you that there are ways to dress up as Ron Burgundy for Halloween and keep your wallet relatively full! You must simply take the time to make your own costume using a variety of inexpensive accessories and clothes that you may already own.

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Creating your own homemade Halloween costume may seem like an impossible task at first; however, you will quickly notice that it can easily be done! Simply follow the instructions that are listed throughout this article, and you will have your own homemade Ron Burgundy costume in no time!

A Brown Wig With Thick Hair...Or Your Own Brown Thick Hair

Throughout the Anchorman movie, Ron Burgundy always speaks about his luscious brown hair, and how it is very thick! With that being said, this Halloween costume would not be complete without a thick brown wig! The greatest thing about incorporating a wig into a homemade Halloween costume is you can go as cheap or expensive as you want!

You can choose to buy a wig for $10 or $’s up to you! I would go with the cheap wig because you are simply using it to look like Ron Burgundy for Halloween; you will not be wearing it with your regular clothes!

To Dress Up In A Ron Burgundy Costume, Be Sure To Wear A Real Or Fake Mustache!70s Brown Wig And Mustache SetCredit:

A mustache seems to be a trend that died off in the early 90’s; however, Ron Burgundy still grows a mustache, and takes pride in grooming it! Some men have thick enough facial hair to grow a real mustache, and some will simply have to buy a fake one!

This aspect of the Anchorman Halloween costume will not cost you a lot of money, regardless of the road that you choose to travel down. Growing your own mustache is absolutely free, and buying a fake mustache will only cost you a few dollars!

I would definitely not skip this step when trying to dress up as Ron Burgundy for Halloween, as his mustache is one of the key costume areas that define him as being the Anchorman!

A Suit Jacket (Preferrably Red)

As is true with all anchormen, Ron Burgundy wore a suit wRon Burgundy Costume With Red Suit JacketCredit: Amazon.comhile he was on the air!

Realistically, you can choose to wear a suit jacket that is any color or any style; however, the Anchorman took pride in wearing a plain styled suit that was red in color. A shiny burgundy suit jacket will do the trick in making you look like Ron Burgundy for Halloween!

Do you see the irony in the color of his suit jacket?

Ron Burgundy wore a burgundy suit jacket!

This area of the DIY Halloween costume is not crucial, but will take your Ron Burgundy look to a whole new level!

Bellbottom Dress Pants To Complete The Ron Burgundy Look

I Black Bell Bottom Dress Pants For A 70s CostumeCredit: Amazon.comknow what you’re thinking...who the heck wears bellbottoms with a suit jacket?

The truth of the matter is that bellbottoms are the key to perfecting your Ron Burgundy costume!

An awesome Halloween costume is one that allows the people around you to know who you are dressing up as without telling them. With that being said, wearing a pair of bellbottoms with a suit jacket will allow the others to know that you are dressing up as Ron Burgundy for Halloween as soon as you walk into the room! Bellbottoms are literally the way to completing your Ron Burgundy costume!

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The Attitude Will Complete The Ron Burgundy Costume! Cocky And In Charge

The Anchorman has an attitude that can be deemed as being one of a kind! Not only is he cocky, but he is also in charge!

When it comes to Halloween costumes, the way that you dress will only get you so far! You must have the attitude that goes along with the costume; this will allow people to know who you are trying to dress up as!

Basically, if you dress up as the Anchorman for Halloween, and act like him, absolutely everyone will know who you are trying to be!

Follow the steps and instructions throughout this article, and you will surely build the perfect homemade Ron Burgundy costume for Halloween!