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Will You Marry Me?

Getting engaged is something so sweet and special, one of the days many people dream about and wish for. Of course marriage isn’t for everyone, but for those like myself, I wanted the day I got engaged to be special.

I think a lot of people think when it comes to proposing to your partner you need to organise big extravagant events for that day, when in fact the only thing you really need to do, is make the day meaningful to both you and your partner. Choose something that is special to both of you, and something that will make you remember that day forever. It shouldn’t be about the ring, or how you do it necessarily but showing how much you love and cherish that person with the intentions of spending the rest of your lives together.

Some people choose to go all out, bands, dances, fancy restaurants, plane messages, the works and jerks so to speak, while others choose simpler or more personal ways to propose. All are perfectly fine, as long as they are your style and get the job done.

The only thing I think people really need to think about before popping the big question is, “Are you ready to truly devote your life to this person, through the good times and bad?” If your answer is not 100% positively yes, then maybe you should hold of for a bit until you can say a definite yes. Emotions play a major part when proposing, whilst the partner is usually completely shocked, nervous, happy and all emotional in one, they are also reading your emotions. Watching you speak those words that are promising a commitment. So a number one in making your proposal unique is mean what you are saying. Everyone asks in a different way, different words but all meaning basically one thing. “You are my one and only and I shall love you with the promise of forever”.

Enclosed is the video I made to propose to my partner. While some people may think it was too boring, I know it means something to us. My partner works over 60 hours a week, so his time at home is limited. One thing that we do is each night we watch a television show on our projector in bed, so I thought knowing that is a regular thing we both love I would organise something around that.  I chose something special to both of us rather than trying to drag him out and about for a big show knowing it wouldn’t be his thing. It was the perfect proposal for us, yet for other people it would be far from special. That is why choosing something that is special to both of you is so important; no one else’s ideas will work the same as your own.

Here are some things to remember when trying to decide how to propose.

Make it so no other person would have proposed how you did.

Put thought into it, not just following other people’s ideas and suggestions.

It is not about the money, but the thought and effort.

Remember everything including your proposal is a reflection of your personality. If you don’t usually do something, and it isn’t your style, then chances are now is not a time to start it unless suited.

Allow your partner space and time. Being put into the spotlight can sometimes work against you, if your partner is the type of person who likes privacy then don’t propose in a crowded place or family event.

Spur of the moments are great! For me personally this is one of my favourites. A spur of the moment proposal, that moment has finally hit you she/he is the one. Why wait? You don’t need a ring, you just need love!

Make it fun. Being proposed to and proposing can be quite nerve wracking, even if you are both ready. Try and make the night fun and relaxing at the same time, so there is no pressure on both sides.

Last but not least, remember it is about you and your partner. No one else matters at that particular time. Do not worry about family missing out on being there, or friends who want to help organise it. Do what’s best for both of you not them.


There are so many ways to propose, each and every way just as great as another. With thousands of ideas and ways to pop the question, show your love and commitment there is always something bound to be your style.