So summer has just started. You are off from school, no more teachers, no more homework, no more annoying people, you’ve got this summer down, but how can you make it even better? Well, here are some tips to make this summer, the one to remember forever!!

If it’s really hot outside, why not take a dip in the pool? If you don’t have a pool, take your hose and create a sprinkler!Maybe decide to invest in getting a water gun. The look on your friends faces when they get sprayed will be priceless. An even better, fill up some water balloons and have a water balloon fight with all of your friends! Do you know of a better way to stay cool?

Create a list of all the things you want to accomplish this summer. Whether it’d be to get a decent job, to go to the beach, to hang out with your friends or go on an awesome family vacation to the Bahamas, make a goal that you will try your best to fulfill this list! It’s a good way to stay focused and to have fun! I always write a huge list and than everyday in the summer that I am feeling bored I go down my list and pick something exiting to do!

Host a barbecue! This is the real way to get into the summer mood! Break out that summer music, that amazing ice cream and those fun neighbors and friends, and have the barbecue of the summer! It’s a great way to utilize your backyard and have fun!

Go to the beach. Go to the pool! Hang out in the sun! Getting outside is a great way to spend your summer. You can sit inside and watch T.V when it’s raining. When the sun is out, get out there. Play a game of soccer with your friends, neighbors, and cousins.

This can bring us to socializing. Sometimes, after school has ended, the last thing you want to do is see people. But, seeing a few friends is different. Hanging out with 2 or 3 friends can really make time go by in a snap. Go to the movies. Go into town and get ice cream. Maybe even go to the gym. Whatever it is, as long as you are with your friends, you should have a good time.

Try getting a part-time job. The summer is always a good time to rack up some extra cash for buying a car or even college. Ask your neighbors if you can walk their dog or watch their children when they go out to dinner. Apply to the creamery or frozen yogurt stores in town. Email fliers to your neighbors or family friends. Getting money is never a bad thing!

Finally, play manhunt. You cannot go about the summer without playing! Invite your friends over, make some s’mores, and play some manhunt! It’s a good way to have fun, and even get some exercise without even realizing it!

using these tips, I am positive that you will have a great summer!