If you are running a business online, you have most certainly heard or at least read about all the great ways you can market though podcasting. Podcasting is a great and seamless way to deliver your content where it is needed most, to your potential customers.

This is because it can go beyond the normal scope and limitations that text and images are bound to. Many business are hopping on the podcasting bandwagon and have reaped the rewards. The question is, will you be one of them?

The main issue that arises for many online businesses when it comes to podcasting is: How do I get my target market to listen to these podcasting episodes I have made?

The answers to this is how you are approaching it. There are many tips and tricks that most people seem to overlook. There are many different ways to get your customers to listen to your podcasts. Here are just a few of them.

* Consider how your podcast is formatted. Do you just want to give out valuable information? Or maybe you want to add a bit of pizzaz and have it be more entertaining for your readers? You will be the one making the podcast so you have the full freedom in what you want it to be like. You set the tone for your customers.

* Studies have shown that making your podcasts as an installment of a lot of small mini-podcasts is better than making one long one. Maybe come out with a new episode every week to keep your customers coming back for more.

* Adding music to your podcast makes a huge difference. Your audience will be much more responsive if you find a way to add a catchy jingle or at least some fun sound effects to your podcasting. You don't want to make your podcast bland or else you will not have very many repeat listeners. If your podcast is strictly for information purposes you can add a bit of music between segments to spice things up a bit.

* Include some supporting text with your podcasts. This way people can read something while they listen to you. You want to occupy as many of there senses as you can.

* Don't just put your podcasts on your own website. They wont get enough exposure there. Consider adding them to other podcasting sites such as podcastalley.com or ipodder.com so more people will see it. The more people you get to view and listen to your podcast the more customers for you which of course means better results for your efforts.

Podcasting is a fantastic way to get your message out to the masses. All you need to do is market them right you will be able to get much more exposure than you thought possible.