It is incredibly important to remember to get the website copy right when selling your items to an online market.

As Zig Ziglar states, "Selling is the transference of enthusiasm you have for your product into the minds of your prospects". Copy can also be referred to as in print or the spoken word.

No matter what your site is like, you have very little, if any, direct contact with your website visitors. This is a sign that your website’s copy is the most crucial way to interact with your viewers. If your site does not entice viewers, your business will most likely be hurt.

This is a regular reason why websites are unsuccessful.

It is very important to make sure your copy entices people deep down and makes them see a benefit for them. This is a key reason in selling online. You need to make your website catchy and compelling and create something that viewers will have faith in.

If you don’t really know how your website fairs then be open about it and ask for feedback from your visitors. Another learning strategy is to look back at a few sites that intrigued you enough to buy from them and see what really interested you to make a purchase. Is there anything these sites do that you aren’t doing on your own?

Here are two options when you are developing your website’s copy:

  • Figure out how you can do it yourself
  • Consider getting a professional to do it, say through

Copywriting is a hugely profitable and worthwhile online business. Of the most successful copywriters, some earn thousands of dollars by formulating sales pages. It is a difficult combination of art and science to master.

I have realized that I can’t put together a decent copy and, thus, adamantly trust experienced copywriters with this task.

It may take an art to create great copy but, as I stated before, it is also a science. There are some parts to make a copy right but there is one major part.

This key element is what grabs you right away!

The Headline!

Your headline will be the eye-stopping, attention-catching piece to entice readers to your site. You can say what you want and hope it will grab visitor’s attention.

If you can’t readers to notice then you won’t be very successful in the end at actually making a sale.

There are a few parts comprising a headline:

1. The pre-head tells people about what the website is about and who it intended for. You can attempt to deal with this by title, benefit or challenge.

For example, by title, “A must read for medical practitioners”, by benefit, “Want to double your income in 30 days”, and by challenge, “Are you struggling to keep up with rising medical costs?”

2. The headline supports the greatest benefit you offer.

It can take a few attempts at trial and error before you find the most effective headline. If you can get the opinion and advice from others it will help you get to the right headline faster.

3. The post-head allows you to offer a bit more information about the benefits of the headline.

For example you could say, “A 150 page practical guidebook for website owners wanting to promote and profit from their own electronic books”.

The headline will influence the reaction of your marketing. You need to formulate it properly for the best results.

Below is a list of seven headline categories that are effective for website copy.

1. If you want to quickly get a reader to turn their attention to your website then you need the ‘How to’ headline. If you have an easy to follow way that is always available and on demand you will attract more visitors.

  • For example: “How to build your own information products that rake in the profits in five easy steps”.

2. If you can start your headline asking a question most visitors are enough to look further and see if you answer it.

3. If there is a main reason visitors are attracted to what you give then you should make it known. Thus, you should use the ‘Reason why’ headline.

4. Use strategic words to show the benefit of your service. Words like ‘secrets’ or ‘trick’ strategically draw in readers.

“10 dirty little secrets why men should drink beer before sex” (I just made this one up, so guys don’t take me seriously)

5. Be specific in your headline. Go right to the point using words or numbers. Headlines that are direct, specific and/or use numbers go straight to the heart of the matter.

“In the next 24 hours, the marketing program will be 50% off!”

6. Using ‘Testimonials’ is also a strategy often played in headlines. Use what satisfied customers have said about your products/services to create trustworthiness in others.

“This book changed myself and put on the right direction for wealth creation.”

7. Consider using the phrase: ‘Here’s a quick way to [solve a problem]. Everyone needs help to solve their problems and are grateful for advice on how to fix them.

“Here’s an easy way to reorganize your budget to help you in the future!”

If you have the right site, no matter what field you are in, it can help your website be incredibly successful. It is considered the most crucial part of a website copy. Put in the time creating it, including hearing out what other readers have to say about it.

I want to end with five more simple tips for your headline.

  • Keep it to the point.
  • Have your greatest benefit prominent in the headline.
  • Grab attention with new news.
  • Use a question to intrigue readers. • Be direct and tell readers exactly what to do and who to use.