Writing Content


There are many ways to make your writing a form of entertainment. Let me point you towards 6 methods of engaging your reader and making the consumption of your content an enjoyable experience for your readers:

 1. Analogies : A great way to keep your content flowing is to use a few analogies. That is, you compare one item to another item. Writing is easier for some than others. But with just a few extra words you can spin words like christano Ronaldo spin football.

 2. Humor : A little chuckle goes a long way when it comes to the enjoyment factor of reading. Most everyone likes to laugh. What this means to you as a writer is that when you have a chance to write something that is funny, write it. Don't use to much humor and stay away from offensive humor, but by all means insert light-hearted fun when applicable.

 3. Acronyms : Another idea is to organize your content by using an "acronym". I have used many in the past; i.e. (Hoe To Keep Affiliates A.C.T.I.V.E in your program", " How To S.E.T.U.P  A Website". In these instances the words "Active" and "Setup" were used to reveal the various parts of the content. Not only do people loves them, (I have always gotten great feedback), but it also allows you to have something original that is uniquely yours.

 4. Story Telling : A god story always engages the reader. Especially when it is relevant to the point being made. keep them short and lively and they will help enhance your writing.

 5. Opinions are like noses...everyone has one. So ,why not share your? To be sure, you may want to steer clear of any controversies that might damage your reputation and business, but don't be afraid to get personal when you write. I have given my thoughts on a variety of issues that were relevant to what I was writing. And, you know what; it always gets the reader more involved in the process of consuming the information. Either they agree or disagree with what I’m saying. But they continue reading because editorials are interesting.  Share your thoughts.

 6. Revelations: A simple way to get someone reading deeper into your content is to make a statement of something you will be sharing later in the content. it's so easy to do. I will just set the table for what I will be revealing. I want your appetite consciously or more likely subconsciously, you got the point that something desirable was coming later in the article. This isn't a new concept. Think about every newscast you've ever watched" "coming up later in the hour, we will show you how... and up next we will share....

Building interest breeds enjoyment- especially when you deliver the main goods later in the content. So, those are just a few ways you can entertain your readers and make the consumption of your content an enjoyable experience...