Want to design your own decals? Its not as hard as you think!

Things You Will Need

Sheets of Automotive Vinyl

Exacto Knife

Desired Pattern on Paper

Step 1

You first need a organized workspace with enough flat surface to work with your decal. Also, make sure that you have all of your supplies at hand!

Tip: I usually buy sheets of vinyl from www.decaldriveway.com
They have a wide variety of colors, and even carry "etched glass" and two-toned colors! They are also very reasonably priced!

Step 2

First you need to determine which way you would like your decal to face on the surface that you will be putting it on. If you are creating something with words, you will want to be backwards, so that when you lay the image down and cut it out, its correct when you look at the finished product!

Take your image and lay it face down on the back of the vinyl, make sure the colored side of the vinyl is face-down to your cutting surface. Then take masking tape and tape all sides of the image paper to the back of the vinyl.
*This works better with a helper, so that your image lays flat! The vinyl and image paper need to be exactly flush, or you risk ruining your decal!

Step 3

Now, you should be able to see your design through the paper that you are using as a pattern, but if not, try printing your image backwards and then tape that image face up to the vinyl. This way your image is still correct when you look at the final piece.

Carefully take your exacto knife and cut out the areas that you DO NOT want in the decal, make sure you don't cut the actual decal out!
This is no time to rush, you want nice smooth cut lines, make your cuts smooth and fluid.

After the entire decal is cut, you can carefully turn the vinyl over, and if your decal hasn't fallen away, carefully punch it out, cutting any stray scraps.

After you have cut your decal out, you are ready to apply it to any surface that you wish!

Tips & Warnings

Keep in mind the way the final decal will be facing so you don't cut it out backwards!

Keep your image in the outermost corners of the vinyl-if you mess up, you can salvage the rest of the vinyl.

Don't Rush, you may cut yourself or through your decal!