Fleece tie blankets are a great way to go for winter. They can be used to keep you warm while snuggling on the couch. You can use them to cover your lap. You can create great fleece blankets for your kids and even your pets. Finally, fleece tie blankets are inexpensive, easy to make, and are excellent gifts. They can be customized to meet any one's needs and any one's styles too!

Choosing Your Fleece.
You have a lot of different options for fleece. There are many different kinds, styles, colors, and patterns. You will really find something for everyone you know. You can find thin fleece and thick fleece. Fleece can be found where ever material is sold including fabric stores, craft stores, and even many Walmarts. One great option is to choose a pattern for the top and a solid color for the bottom. Get creative and have fun with it.

The basic tie blanket is pretty common and it is easy to make as well. The first thing that you need to do is cut two pieces of fleece the size that you want the blanket to be plus about three inches for fleece. You will also need a pair of scissors, thread or yarn, and a bit of time.

  1. Line up your two pieces of fleece and pin them together. It is often easy to start with the middle of the blanket and move outward. You will need to stop 3 to 4 inches from the edges.
  2. Your best bet for making a great blanket is to mark out your strips. You can use a fabric marker or a pencil if you are using the right color of fleece.
  3. Once you have cut the pieces of fleece to size you will want to cut stripes all along each edge of the fleece. The cuts should be about 3-4 inches into the blanket. How wide you make them is up to you and can range from 1/4 of an inch to 1 inch. Make sure that each strip is being cut into both pieces of flannel.
  4. Now carefully tie each piece of fringe from the back panel to a piece of fringe on the front panel. Work your way around the entire piece. It is a good idea to tie them twice for a good strong knot.
  5. To finish the blanket you will want to take thread or yarn and tack the two layers together. If using yarn you can leave these fringe style on one side of the blanket for added interest. Thread can be used by looping it through the two layers a couple of times and then tying it off. Another option is to use thin strips of fleece to tie the two layers together. This gives a great "finished" look about the piece.

For a more complicated looking blanket you can use three different types of fleece or choose two a pattern and one or two colors for a great look.

  1. Take two different types of fleece and cut them into 15 (or larger) inch blocks.
  2. You will then want to carefully cut an equal number of strips into the sides of each block. It is often good to do about 12 strips.
  3. You will then want to tie one side of one block to one side of another block. Work your way through the blanket so that you are tying each new block to one another.
  4. You will want to make sure that you tie the top "quilt block" style portion of your tie blanket to a bottom portion by the outermost fringe pieces.
  5. Finish this blanket in the same way that you would finish the other type. Tie the top and bottom panels together with the thread, yarn, or with small pieces of fleece.

Baby Blankets.
You can make baby blankets in the same way. It is a little more work, but smaller squares can be used to make a great baby blanket. Choose a cute pattern for the baby boy or the baby girl and then mix that with blue, pink, yellow, or green. Another option is to do one that uses all the pastel colors which is excellent for a baby that is of unknown gender.

Kids Blankets.
Your kids will love these blankets. One thing that is really great is that your older children can help you put it together. This is often a lot of fun for them. They can also make them as gifts for grandparents, younger brothers and sisters, and even coming babies.

Couch Blanket.
Choosing fleece that matches your decor is a great option. You can then make a large blanket that goes over the back of the couch and that can then be used to cuddle in during movie watching.

Bed Blankets.
While fleece blankets are warm and cuddly, but adults leave them for the couch. That doesn't mean that you can't make one that matches your decor for your bedroom and then use it for keeping warm on your bed. This is often less expensive then other types of blankets as well.

Finding Deals.
If fleece blankets are your style or you love making them for gifts then you should look for deals throughout the year. Check Walmart, your local craft stores, your local fabric stores, and even online resources for great deals. Many times fleece will go on sale and you can get it for a great price. Buy up lots when this happens and you will make a great deal on your new blankets.

Fleece blankets can make great gifts. The only thing you need to do to make a great gift from a fleece blanket is to think about what the person who would receive it would like. You want to choose fabrics that the person who will be getting it will like. Consider their favorite colors, their favorite things to do, and patterns that will match their decor.

You can make great fleece blankets in your spare time. They can match your tastes and even the tastes of your child. Plus they are cheaper than many other types of blankets. Make them, keep warm, and even give gifts. You can do it all with fleece tie blankets.