Making a Google Account is fast and very easy. With an account you will have access to more services and online enhancements than simply searching the internet. A Google Account is designed to make your online experience more productive and enjoyable. Follow these steps and you will have a Google account in no time.

  1. Click here to go to If you land on iGoogle that is fine, but to create an account you'll find it easier to simply click "Classic Home".

  2. Then click the link that says "Sign In". Next you will need to click the link that tells you to create an account.
  3. Google needs you to provide a valid email address. They also need you to make a password and tell them your location. The last step here is to fill in the word verification box.

  4. Click the link that states "I accept. Create my account". Open your email account and then open the verification email from Google Accounts. Click the link or cut and paste into your browsers address bar. You're done you can begin to enjoy the new services immediately.

This article was written with our younger friends in mind. Most people think that things like this are common knowledge and are embarrassed to simply ask someone how to make a google account. So, here it is. Above all have fun with it.