Olive Oil, Mother Nature's MoisturizerWrinkles can be an irritating reminder that you are indeed getting older. The good news is: you can do something about it right now with an anti-wrinkle home remedy. You really don't have to spend hundreds of dollars for anti-wrinkle products, or thousands of dollars for anti-aging skin treatments. All you need is a well-stocked pantry and refrigerator, and you can start saying goodbye to those wrinkles.

Things You Will Need

* 1/4 cup olive oil
* 1/4 cup milk
* 0.5oz. yeast
* 1 egg white
* 1 lemon
* Vitamin E capsules

Step 1

Clean your face gently. Don't use too much pressure. You do not want to irritate your skin. A gentle cleanser will help retain the suppleness of your skin and give you fewer wrinkles in the future.

Step 2

Prepare your mask. Mix the yeast and olive oil, if you have dry skin. If you have normal skin, mix in the warm milk instead of olive oil. Both milk and olive oil contain moisturizing properties. Since yeast is rich in vitamin B, it helps to boost your blood circulation, therefore bringing fresh, oxygenated blood to your skin and help lessen wrinkles in time.

Step 3

Squeeze four or five vitamin E capsules in your mask. Vitamin E protects your skin from free radicals and boosts antioxidant absorption. Leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes, and then rinse with warm water.

Step 4

Mix the juice of 1 lemon with 1tbsp of olive oil and egg white as an alternative to the yeast mask. You can also use this mask on your neck to gain more elasticity and prevent sagging. Leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes.

Step 5

Use your anti-wrinkle home remedy mask every night for wrinkle prevention. Follow with your favorite moisturizer. You will feel your face and neck getting tighter and firmer each day.
Take Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Vitamin A supplements daily to take the anti-wrinkle remedy a step further. Vitamin E increases your body's ability to store antioxidants, which fight off free radicals thus battling wrinkles from the inside.

Vitamin A is necessary for building new tissue. Vitamin C is responsible for creating collagen in your body, which aids in your skin's elasticity. Taking these supplements gives your body weapons to fight off wrinkles effectively without the need for expensive creams.

Tips & Warnings

* Drink more water, don't smoke, stay away from the sun and relax.

* Drinking more water hydrates your cells, as smoking dehydrates and makes your skin look dull. The sun is also a big factor in cells damage, killing your skin's good cells and giving you wrinkles.

* Unwind regularly. Stress contributes to wrinkle formation. The less stress you have, the fewer wrinkles you'd get.