Here is a great craft for the kids, or as a family holiday project. Making snow globes, is a great way to decorate the house for the holidays, or to give as gifts. They are not as hard to make as you think, and with some supervision, you can make a few of these with the kids.

Everything in a Kit or DIY

DIY Snow Globe

Here is what you will need to make one:

one jar (this all depends on how big you want to make a snow globe. You can use cute little jam jars, all the way up to mason jars. Personally I like the smaller ones, and therefore like using apricot jam jar sized)

one plastic miniature figure, such as a Santa Clause, reindeer or something Christmas related. You can get these at the local craft store in the miniature figurines. Keep in mind the size of your jar, when picking out a little figure or scene.

distilled water (you can make your own distilled water by boiling tap water and then letting it cool)

bright white glitter - you can buy this in tubes in different colors, but of course being a snow globe, white works the best.

aquarium glue - this seems to work the best at holding everything together and is designed to be used with glass and water. Adult supervision should be used when using any glues.

You can Also Get Snow Globe Kits

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add your own personal touches to make this an original and thoughtful gift idea.



Make sure your glass jar is very clean and the lid works well on the jar.

Take the lid and sit it in front of you, and with the aquarium glue, glue your little figurines or scene to the lid. You could also at this point add a few points of interest such as some aquarium gravel or small stones to hide the lid and create the ground for your scene. You can get creative here, but make sure you don't put too much on the lid that it won't close over the jar.

Set it aside, if using aquarium glue, it needs to set for at least a day.

Once you are happy with your little Christmas scene, now it is time to assemble your project.

Fill the jar with enough distilled water to within 1/2 inch of the top, or enough to leave a small air space, this helps to shake the snow around.

Pour in the glitter. (you can pour in the glitter first as well, it does not really matter)

Screw on the lid being careful not to knock your figurines or scene off the lid, and the screw it on tightly.

Turn your jar over and shake it.

If you are happy with the look, then take your aquarium glue and put a thin bead around the lid, so that it can't come off.

If you are using a small jar and want to make your homemade project stand out, you can glue the jar to a base of some kind, such as a wooden candle stick or something else you may like from the craft store. Or you can paint the lid with metal primer in white so that it doesn't stand out.

Making snow globes is fun, and is a great way to decorate for the holidays. Go shopping in the craft store and browse through the little figures that are available for making Christmas decorations, you should find many Christmas related miniature figurines.


You can also purchase kits, in craft stores, rather than trying to find your own jar. These are affordable as well, and you could make a few of these, to add to your Christmas decor.

 Some of the kits, are setup to use photographs instead of figurines, which is also a nice touch, and would make a great gift.

Snow globes have been around a long time, and many people just love them at Christmas time, so making them can be a great way to get into the Christmas spirit for yourself and your kids.