market crafts

Do you think you will have to empty your wallet in order to market crafts to get your business known? As nice as all the glossy brochures are and the great ads in the paper, you can try a different route to market your crafts and basically get the word out about your business.

No, you don't need to spend money to get started. There are creative ways to help launch you craft business, that do not cost money, other than the internet connection and a computer. If you have been working on turning your hobby into a business, then you need to actually create a "press release". Now before you get all worried that you have to phone the paper, and you are not good at creating notices.. I am talking about on the internet. Actually with good old fashioned email marketing.

Use Targeted Email to Market Crafts

Targeted email is a great way to market crafts. If you have a few good friends and family members, that is all it takes to get started. Your family and good friends have probably been your best supporters when it came to you starting your craft business, so they are the obvious choice to market crafts for your business.

You don't even need a website to get this started. But a either a few good pictures or possibly a blog highlighting your newest craft products would certainly help.

Create a email, and let everyone know what you are doing, and show off either a link to your blog or a picture of your latest products. Now send this email to your closest friends and family and have them forward it to anyone they think would be interested, such as co-workers and their friends and family. This is called viral marketing, and if you start with a good group of friends and family, this can be a great way to market crafts.

It is targeted and aimed at the right people. You are not spamming anyone, only those interested are getting this email. It is far better to a have a smaller group of totally interested customers, than to send out tons of notices for the odd few customers.

Start a Blog to Market Crafts

If you are on a tight budget for your business, and can't afford a website right now, then you can also get creative with a blog to market crafts. You can start by visiting and follow all the instructions. If you don't want your site address to have a blog style address for example with "blogspot" in the URL, then here is a cheap idea, rather than getting into a website. You can go to Godaddy or similar site and purchase a domain name and then follow instruction to point the domain name towards the blog.

This way, anyone that keys in your domain name will end up at your blog. This way you can have "" rather than ""

This way you can print the domain name on your email or business card and it looks like a regular website name. A domain name can be as little as couple of dollars per year. This is a great way to market some of your latest crafts and get the word out that you are open for business.

If you prefer to sell at craft shows, then you can update your blog with the latest information on where you next craft show will be and maybe highlight some of your latest projects. Word of mouth is a great way to market crafts. It may not be quite as instant as all the flashy brochures, but it is much cheaper and you will build a following for your craft business.