Earning a little money by using Google AdSense is quite easy, but to be able to earn good amounts of cash is another story. In order to maximize AdSense earnings of your site you must do many time-consuming things.


Get More Traffic

First and most obvious thing is to get more traffic. Without traffic you are not going to get any clicks on your ads and that means no money.

Getting traffic takes time but it is a good idea to learn some search engine optimisation. If you don't know how to do search engine optimisation, you can read How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog Step By Step article here on InfoBarrel for more detailed guide.


Increase Click Through Rate

At some point getting more traffic is difficult, especially for a niche site that has already used up most of the good keywords. At this point you should try to increase click-through rate to maximize AdSense earnings with your current traffic.

So, how to increase CTR? Most effective way is to test different ad placements, colors and fonts at constant basis. If you test, you will eventually know what is working well and what is not.

Usually ads generate more clicks if the link color is the same as the color of other links on your site. But this is not always true, and some people have noticed that they get better CTR by having the ads color a little bit off from the color of other links on the site.

This is why you must test, test and test again until you know what works best on your site.


Get High Value Ads

If possible, you can mention a name of product within your content and attract ads that have higher payout per click. Mentioning a product acts as a keyword and will affect the ads showing on your site.

This is simple but quite effective way to maximize AdSense earnings and you can start implementing it right away.


Visitors Must Notice Your Ads

If a visitor aren't looking at your ads, then the visitor won't click them either. Make sure that your ads placement is good to help your visitors to notice them. You can also help them notice your ads by writing something like ”take a look at the resource box below” and have your ads placed near that box. But remember: do not tell them to look at your ads, since it would be against terms of service.

Another similar method is to use images to move attention. You can't have a big red arrow pointing towards ads, but you can use other compositional tricks to get the same effect without breaking the TOS.

Just remember not to place your images in such a way that your visitors could confuse them with ads. If a visitor believes that the image is part of the ad it is definitely against the TOS and you will get yourself banned from Google AdSense.


So there you go, now you know some methods on how to maximize AdSense earnings. As a last tip: check out the optimization tips from your own Google AdSense account. There you can find a lot of useful stuff. One of the best resources you can have about AdSense is Google.