There are so many time management tips and ideas that you can be easily overwhelmed. The problem is how to really maximize the time you have for each day. Somewhere in the Bible it says that each day has enough trouble of its own. Indeed we have quite a lot to handle already in one single day and not to mention the next day and the day after. 

Prioritize. Each day we have only twenty four hours and the most we can maximize is about twenty hours while the balance is just four hours of sleep. Therefore we just have to put in order what needs to be done first and what will be last in priority. Putting this in order helps you to get things done and yet not become overwhelmed by too many.

Expections. Once prioritization is done, you should put some thought to three things. Firstly, you should congratulate yourself when you have followed the plan and did something. Secondly, you should not be overly worried over so many things to handle and complete with just so little time. Simply set the timeline to complete an acceptable number of activities and the rest are to be left for the next day. Thirdly, you should get started and just do it. 

Try and Learn. Time really does not stand still for us. It just moves on and on. So should we. Therefore you should move on and try out ways to maximize your time, whether is it reading a book while in the subway or planning out your do-list while waiting in a queue or simply doing some reflection while admiring the skyline at the office balcony. Along the way of trying, learn and try some more. 

One of the aspects of trying out things is to learn to delegate. Since there are so many things to be done, and sometimes certain things are just not your area of expertise, it is best to consider delegating that task out to someone who can do better. This is certainly one of the best ways to maximize your time. You have to try to delegate. This will free out some time for you to do the next thing in your priority list. 

You could be burned out with just too many priorities at hand, but a great and awesome jigsaw puzzle is fixed up beginning with one piece at a time. Step by step, piece by piece and you pick yourself up, you can maximize with your priority list, meet acceptable expectations and begin trying out and learning along the way.