The mind, the book of answers, it has everything anyone needs to know, but very few read it because they don't know how, or they fear the unknown.

Meditation is stopping all form of thoughts and just observe, simple, but not easy.

1. Sit against the wall with your back straight, don't lay down because you will most likely fall asleep (unless you're one of those that can't sleep on their backs, lucky you). Sit comfortable, you don't have to be in the traditional lotus pose or anything, just as long as your back is straight and you are comfortable.

2. Close your eyes and abruptly stop all flow of thoughts. Stop any thought, memory, words, songs, everything. This can take from a second to hours to do depending on how much control you have over your own mind. Don't feel bad if you have to take hours, in time, when you understand how it works, you'll be able to do it in a second.

3. If you have successfully stopped all thoughts, old memories, pictures, feelings, words, images, abstract dream-like thoughts will appear.

My first successful meditation was in the back of a job trainning center at lunch break, sitting by myself on the floor outside.

After two minutes, when I gave up trying so hard to meditate because I've been trying to meditate for months and still hadn't gotten the hang of it, all I'd done was channeling. But when I had relaxed and focused very hard at a point of darkness under my eyelid and chased after it, I was suddenly in a white room with no windows or doors, there was a drawer with many legs (legs at the bottom, sides, and top), then three doors appeared and I just observed, I didn't forced anything, it just took me there, what was in the next room was one washing machine and three dryers with the large main hole in the front and four other holes on the top (unless holes, but they were there), I moved to another white room that led to a white hallway with many doors that led to other doors, then some guy walked by and broke my concentration.

4. Write it down. Because when you write it down or talk about it, you'll trigger something that will lead you to remember something else.

There are also Brave Wave Frequencies that will get you into a quick trance:

Brain Wave