At its heart, Craigslist is a classified ads site with a free online dating component. Unlike the hundreds of online dating websites out there that make you go through personality tests in addition to charging you an arm and a leg to meet that "perfect someone", Craigslist has instead turned the online dating monster on its head, just like it did with the newspaper classified industry. On Craigslist dating, its a free for all. Women, men, bisexuals, transexuals, gays, and everything in between are online dating, trying to meet each other. Instead of selling an old watch, that 1982 Subaru, or your ability to give massages, you're selling yourself using your writing. In essence, Craigslist allows you to be exactly whoever you want to be, even if your 6-pack disappeared 16 years ago. Craigslist is a clean white slate for you to begin online dating and meeting women on online. People may tell you that online dating isn't real and you're not going to meet anybody good there and they say that because they really haven't. But I have, over and over, met terrific women on Craigslist that I would probably have a hard time meeting in person. Unless you're a bon vivant, most men will meet just a handful of women on any random month. Tough odds, especially if you are single. But Craigslist allows you to meet women onlien and they are all literally at the tip of your fingers. The key to success with women on Craigslist is quite simply, your ad. The more work you put into your ad, the more responses and the higher the quality of those responses.

So what goes into a good Craigslist ad?

1) Writing a great Craigslist ad to meet women online requires a well-thought out title. Something that will catch their attention and if you think the ad titles on Craigslist attract their attention, you are wrong. Witty, fun, mystery is what women like and seek. They want to avoid the plague of other guys on there.

2) The second thing you're going to need is a well-written Craigslist ad. But a well-written ad requires a great introduction where you talk about what you want and what you want to hear from the person reading this post. Ask questions to the reader. Demand what you expect from anyone replying to you. In a way this sort of post almost challenges a woman to reply - she doesn't know whether to be offended or to be smitten by your confidence, and that's what you want. You want to catch them off guard because all they've done is been on guard with the thousands of other creeps on Craigslist trying to date online.

3) When posting your Craigslist ad to meet women online, post your Craigslist ad late at night. If you post your Craigslist ad during the day, your post will be grouped together with a massive amount of other guys posting at the same time. Now, what if all these Craigslist dating tips don't work? The first thing is don't give up on meeting women online or on Craigslist for that matter. Then, rewrite your Craigslist ad and repost it. Continue to post, edit, repost until you get the results you want from the women on Craigslist. In online dating and anything in life, persistance really does payoff. You have now been shown how to meet women on Craigslist. Its all just a matter of when and how much work you want to put into it meeting a woman on Craigslist. The more work, the better the woman you'll meet online.