In this video I'm going to show you how to microwave eggs and get them to come out basically just as good as if you had cooked them on the stovetop.

Step 1

Crack desired number of eggs (2 in my case) into a microwavable bowl.

Step 2

Add vitamin rich butter, macadamia nut oil or extra virgin coconut oil to your eggs.

I don't recommend adding Extra Virgin Olive oil until after you've cooked your eggs because EVO doesn't withstand high temperatures very well.

This is the time you'll want to add milk as well if you'd like more of an omellete.

Step 3

IMPORTANT!! Whip the eggs with a fork or egg beater.

If you don't, you'll wind up with a Chernobyl style egg-splosion (even I can't believe I'm using this pun) all over your microwave.

You've got to get the egg mixture to be even or it will heat unevenly and erupt egg bits that are very hard to clean off into your nuker.

Step Fo'

Heat your eggs until they're firm!

Step 5

Add cheese, guacamole, tomatoes or whatever you like to your eggs.

Step 6

Eat your eggs!!


Eggs are quite possibly one of the most perfect foods in nature.

They're high in protein, selenium (beneficial for sperm count), iodine and trytophan.

Eggs also contain choline, which plays a crucial role in brain function, reduces reductive stress and acts as a potent anti-inflammatory.

One of the best ways to get optimal levels of choline is through fish oil supplements.

I take several grams a day per Robb Wolf's recommendations.

On top of that, I take several doses of krill oil a day, which is a fantastic source of highly bioavailable choline.

As a result, I can fly, walk on water and beat up Mike Tyson.

Ok no..but I've certainly noticed my mood shoot up and my post-exercise soreness go down.

When conducting your experiments in unconventional thought and living track your data as throroughly as possible!

Studies indicate that eating eggs helps promote weight loss.

The high cholesterol content also boosts the male reproductive system. (despite FDA nonsense)

Cholesterol is a precursor to testosterone!

As you can see there's a whole laundry list of benefits ranging from heart health to eye health and more.

If it's possible, I highly recommend you get eggs from local sources.

Better yet, the eggs that come from free range hens with a high omega-3 fatty acid content (it's usually stated on the label) are best.

They're healthier and they actually taste a lot better than mass produced factory farmed eggs.